Best Online Marriage Counseling Programs in 2020

Best Online Marriage Counseling Programs to be discussed:

Overall Great: Regain

“Therapists address a variety of relationship issues, such as communication problems and infidelity”

Great for unlimited counseling anytime: Talkspace

“Talkspace allows you to send unlimited text, video, and audio messages or purchase plans for live sessions.”

The Ultimate Self-Help Program: Our Relationship

“The program allows you and your partner to work together on online activities that help better understand each other and solve relationship problems.”

Great for Short-Term Therapy: E-Therapy Café

“Short-term therapy is for couples who want to chat with a therapist on a short-term basis without getting a subscription plan for a longer service.”

The Perfect Solution Oriented Sessions: Growing Self

“All therapists and coaches seeing couples are marriage and family therapists with specialized training and experience in evidence-based approaches to helping couples heal and grow.”

Perfect for Complete Assessment: Couples Therapy Inc.

“At Couples Therapy Inc. couples get 1- to 2-hour interview with a therapist, video analysis of your fighting subtleties, along with a thorough questionnaire and much more.”

Read on to find out, how we have rated each online counseling service.

best online marriage counseling programs

Best Online Marriage Counseling Programs


Overall Great: Regain

When it comes to online counseling for couples, Regain specializes in all types of therapies starting from relationship problems, communication gaps, infidelity, sex and intimacy improvement and so on. Regain has a board of certified therapists, marriage and family therapists, social workers and licensed professional counselors.

The professionals at Regain have three years and in total above 2000 hours of experience working with their clients. When someone signs up for counseling at Regain, they ask you about your goals and what you want to achieve. After identification of goals, you share your preferences. You and your partner would may feel comfortable talking to a female therapist, or a male therapist. If you like to have an experienced and mature therapist, you can also get an option to appoint the best therapist that works for you. It is important to choose a therapist, that matches the specific needs of you and your partner.

One of the best features of this program is that you and your partner can stay anonymous throughout the process. When you find the right therapist for yourself, you can use a joint account to log into the account and use it for chats, arranging phone calls and video sessions.

If the communication is written, the chat will also be visible to your partner so that both can talk to the therapist together. You can leave messages for your therapist and respond to them again. The fashion of response and its frequency from the therapist and your side can also be adjusted to make the interactions better.

With Regain, the number of appointments is not fixed, you can increase or decrease them however you like. You and your partner will be able to work with the therapist to determine a session that is shorter and hold sessions more often. This will help you manage time better and having to share everything with the therapist every once in a while.

If you want to hold a session privately to discuss something without your spouse present, the program allows you to arrange that as well. Ask your therapist for arranging a private session and you are good to go.

The payments can differ according to your plan but as a rough estimate, you will be paying around $40-$70 every week depending on the type of plan you choose. The plan is very easy to use and you can go for cancellation anytime you want.


Great for Unlimited Counseling anytime: Talkspace

Talkspace is not limited to relationship therapies, it covers a wide range of issues and stress problems that exist in couples. The therapists begin sessions by talking about your partner and what are the issues you two are facing. The therapist also asks couples on which issues, would they like to solve and make a goal of this therapy session. The consultation process completion is dependent on the achievement of goals set at the beginning. Most issues that couples usually have are money related, stress, bad parenting, lack of sex and infidelity, disturbing or abusive in-laws, and other chronic health issues that make the relationship problematic.

The therapy services start from $99 per week. But the great thing about this plan is unlimited texting, video, and audio calls whenever and however you like. For live sessions, purchase a live session plan and receive the help you had been looking for a long time.

The Talkspace services are in compliance with HIPAA which means they are accredited. You can access them easily on your desktop or phone however you like.


The Ultimate Self-Help Program: Our Relationship

This program is different from others. Instead of giving a third person’s help, the program allows couples to help themselves. This program is funded by the U.S Department of Health and Human Services. Another major advantage is that you can complete the program at your own pace which means no third person’s time is wasted if you delay sessions.

Research has found that the program has helped individuals not only improve their relationship considerably but become a better person individually.

The course is effective when both the partners are involved equally in working things out. Even if your partner is reluctant at first, the website gives you amazing pieces of advice to motivate the partner to take the program with you. But in case your partner won’t agree at all to take it, you can complete it on your own.

The program has several options, in a couple’s version you can work with them to organize online activities and develop communication skills that will help you solve real-time relationship problems. As you work on the app, you will learn to trust your partner and work things out by lowering the communication barrier that has been built up.

In total, the course takes around 8-hours to complete, and because you can work with it at the pace that best suits you, you can break it down into several parts. The course costs only $50 and is available at the phone, PC, or other handheld devices. The course furthermore has two language options; Spanish and English.


Great for Short-Term Therapy: E-Therapy Cafe

E-Therapy offers a video chat option along with messaging, phone calls and online journals. Although the site offers therapy sessions for a number of problems, couples therapy and counseling are the best one so far.

The site doesn’t offer marriage counseling for married couples only, they offer relationship counseling for all kinds of couples. The therapists that work through the E-Therapy Café platform are all certified and licensed. The therapists have helps couples in improving their communication skills, respecting, and empathizing with each other. The couples also learn to indulge in effectively disagreeing without putting up a fight and renewing the level of commitment in their relationship. The benefits are not limited to these discussed and are much more.

The program best suits couples who want to hold chats with the therapist on short-term basis. The longer versions of programs require subscriptions and may not work for some, but this program is quick yet effective.

The first online session costs $25 which is a good deal. But another session will cost you $50. The best way of saving money on this platform is to buy a few sessions together and save up. For instance, if you buy 10 sessions you can get them for only $425. Also, there is a special offer for veterans, early birds and students who will be able to receive a 10% discount.


The Perfect Solution Oriented Sessions: Growing Self

At Growing self, you will get marriage counseling, therapies as a couple for a troubled relationship, dating coach, a strategy to improve communication and connection. The best benefits of all, it offers a free consultation, if it is something you had been looking to have you can arrange appointments.

Feeling interested yet? The counseling fees also vary, depending on the level of expertise and education of the therapist. For a 45-minute session, you will be paying:

  • $150 with a doctor-level clinician
  • $120 with an advanced clinician
  • $105 with a master’s level clinician
  • $95 for new counselors or coaches

For couples who cannot afford to pay for the complete package, they can have a sliding scale fee.

This is why you should be taking notes: If you want to have longer sessions, you can arrange that. For sessions above 60-90 minutes, the fees can be higher and lie in the pro-rated part instead of a standard fee session. The therapists also offer several weekend and evening appointments and in-person sessions for couples in specific areas.

Among so many other services, you also get a solution session where when you hold a 450minute long session, the clinician helps you solve a relationship problem. What makes it interesting is that it is going to be productive. When the session ends, you will have a clear written plan that will help you solve problems.

The program also includes a bunch of classes and group sessions to help you get back to life from a problem-free past. They help people who went through break-ups, are looking for the right partner or want to make their relationship stronger. With the help of online support groups, you can make positive changes in your relationship too.


Perfect for Complete Assessment: Couples Therapy Inc.

Couples Therapy Inc. offers online treatment as well as couples’ sessions. The services start with a “State of the Union” assessment. This assessment helps the therapist to understand and know you and your partner. The assessment takes around 1.5- to 2-hour interview with you and your partner, a video analysis of your aggressive dynamics, a thorough questionnaire, and separate interviews with both for developing a deeper understanding. After that the couple receives a feedback session that lasts approximately eighty minutes. In the feedback you come to know about your strengths and weaknesses, relationship vulnerabilities, and the style of attachment. The complete assessment for a married costs around $575 to $950.

Couples Therapy Inc. can help strengthen several types of relationships. One of the types is super commuters—couples whose jobs are far away. They specialize in dealing with these couples who seldom meet their partner and family. They stay away for days, weeks and even months. Do you know what is the advantage of Couples Therapy Inc. for these couples? Even if they are miles apart, they can arrange online meetings with their therapist from sitting at two completely different locations.

Troubled couples can find help from 24 therapists whose services can be availed from the website. The online specialists have expertise in dealing with all kinds of couples through the medium and this why, they are adored for their services by most who have worked with them. The therapy can be availed in 9 different languages to suit the requirements of each.

As compared to most therapy sites available these days, these therapists actually discuss their goals and ideas to make the platform even better. They arrange a virtual meeting every month for designing the psychoeducational materials and clinical presentations together.

The site has limited therapists and that is why, the services are not available in some countries. The marriage counseling session costs somewhere between $145 and $295 for an 80-minute session. The fee for a session varies from one therapist to the other and depends on the therapist’s degree and level of experience. Intensive couple retreats start from $3,000 is the session is arranged on a weekend.


Online Marriage Counseling

You must be thinking what exactly is online marriage counseling? The online marriage counseling is for couples who are looking for a therapist to solve their marital problems. Through virtual chats, video and audio conferencing, they can gain feedback from the therapist and solve their issues.

It is a great way to sort problems among couples because in some cases they may not be living together, so through a digital collaboration on a call, they can speak to their therapist for improving the relationship.

Couples gain valuable feedback and suggestions that later helps them solve problems such as communication difficulties and arguments. Their therapists also address specific issues, such as money or parenting that are often the reason for a weak marriage.


Is Online Marriage Counseling Good For Me and My Spouse?

Yes, online marriage counseling is going to help you and your spouse a lot, especially if you two are facing lots of problems in communicating with each other and are stuck at a point where you cannot solve your problems yourself. But it is important for you and your partner to be open to online help and ready to solve problems instead of complicating them.

Online therapists can help you in a number of ways better than seeing a therapist in person. If you are busy and want to save the time you will be spending on commute. Especially if you are a parent or your travels to work and has less free time.

The best way to find the perfect therapist for you is to look for a therapist who specializes in problems and issues you would like to address. For example, if your problem is infidelity, then look for a therapist who has solved similar cases.


Will Online Marriage Counseling Save My Marriage?

This is another frequently asked question and the answer is again Yes. Couple counseling can be effective and has given couples complete satisfaction. A study suggested that around 70% of the couples who tried marriage counseling benefited from it.


Should I Attend Online Marriage Counseling Alone or With My Spouse?

Well, that is something a therapist can tell. Marriage counseling is better with the couple but sometimes when the other partner is violent or there are other problems that one partner may find difficult to talk about in their presence should be discussed separately.

In other cases, couples’ counseling may work best. Your partner may not be interested in opening up to strangers and may not agree for a consultation, in that case, you can have sessions alone.


Online Marriage Counseling Cost

Often times people ask how much would an online marriage session cost? The therapy fees can differ a lot. It depends on the program, plan and the therapist you choose. In-person counseling costs around $75 to $200 per hour. The online therapies on the other hand cost $40 a week for messaging and the costs may increase considerably if you arrange a 80-minute video call session at around $295.


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