How Can I Fix My Marriage Without Counseling

So are you looking for marriage counseling alternatives or how to fix your marriage without counseling?. In this age of technological advancement and tremendous job opportunities’, we have earned whatever we desired, what we wanted but this is an age of freedom of all sorts and age where people can ask for marriage counseling without any shame and strengthen their married life. In the past it was never that easy to access marriage counseling to ensure a happy relationship. Today counseling is available as online marriage counseling by professionals, local counselors in your area, and even guiding material to solve issues faced by married couples.

how can I fix my marriage without counseling


You will get the help you and your partner need in any way if both of you are still committed to your marriage and want to start things from the beginning. All you need is the acceptance that you haven’t completely been honest about your relationship and instead of blaming your partner try forgetting all that happened in the past, try to seek the good in your partner besides the shortcomings you already see. Strengthening your relation is not a one-sided job rather both of you must contribute to it equally.

People who are not happy from their marriage are exhausted and want to end their relationship knowing that nothing can be done to make it right but there’s always a way one should not let go of relationships so easily. People today have become more stubborn than ever before and feel that a small word of sorry can’t get through their mouths because their ego gets in the way. if that’s the case, all you need is kindness to reach out to your partner’s heart. Giving up is not always the solution it’s not a solution at all you just choose to ignore the issues in your life. you can fix your marriage by learning from online articles especially for couples that don’t want to disclose their personal life.

If you happen to be one of those who are hesitant in visiting a counselor at his office or to meet in person with a counselor then here are some pieces of advice for you can use to fix your marriage without counseling.


How to know if you need help?

If you and your partner aren’t getting along very well lately and you can’t help it or do something about it. If your relationship is not what it used to be if you no longer have the binding force that kept you happy together and brought you two together in the first place and you doubt your own choice of your lie partner.

If your relationship has become the cause of your tears and headache and all you do is repent on your life’s decisions and feel being pessimistic then its time you finally do something about it and by that, I mean to seek all the help you need.

Now you should decide to change the things to the way they used to be between the two of you otherwise the situation may get even worse to the last point where there is no chance of coming back from there.

The issues of small nature might pile up and end in a final solution of divorce. you can avoid all of that if both of you realize the exigency of an issue and start working on your relationship from the beginning and leaving all that’s done in the past. crying on the past won’t solve anything the only way you get through this is if you tend to the future.

If both of you are agreed on getting your relationship back on track. It’s the first good indication that both of you are still committed to your marriage and are looking forward to getting your married life back on the track and be happy once again as you used to be. Afterall all we want is joy in our lives, no one knows while starting a relationship, what might it lead to especially what one never expects a divorce while getting into a relationship.

But if things don’t work out for you, it might end up in divorce and a feeling of separation and loneliness will overwhelm you and that’s what will happen unless you choose to do otherwise. what you need is a therapist, who can guide you through this difficult situation of yours and help you and your partner individually as well as collectively to solve the issues you might have between the two of you regarding your marriage life.

But in the first part of the article we are considering that you are not willing to go to a therapist and decide to settle things on your let’s have a look at what to do next…


How can I fix my marriage without counseling?

You should realize that you need help and you must consider the therapist as a doctor. What you imagine is that when you walk in therapists’ office receptionists might judge you as you reach there.[it can be an issue if you go to a therapist in your locality and might run into people you know because either therapist’s office is too visible or other couples might have an appointment as well.

You might be afraid of imagining the receptionist asking himself what’s wrong with you and other couple thinking of your relation to be worse than theirs. That’s what most people want to avoid. There are two other alternatives that you have.

First [which is a bit difficult] is to find and use the resources that will prove to be instrumental in solving your problem on your own. This is not a good solution if you and your partner have given up on your relationship and if that’s the case then it’s evident that problems won’t solve on their own

The anger and resentment that has built over time, bursts out when either one of you tries to speak even an attempt to improve the relationship turns into a fight and things get worse, and the blame game becomes the family sport. This acts as a propulsion force that acts on the relation in a negative way and destroys your progress that was to improve it. It might become the last straw on camel’s back and lead to divorce.

This situation is not impossible to deal with. Many couples have had issues all their life and never learned how to deal with them and spent all their lives feeling lonely. They could have been a couple that is capable of realizing their worsening situation and decides to apply the right knowledge and tools needed to solve them and continue their relationship on a firm basis of trust and unity.

If you are one of those than what you need is marriage counseling at home that will involve deep study and research about the nature of the problems you have and professional methods that are usually applied by marriage counselors which are bound to succeed.

After completing your research and gathering your resources such as planners, workbooks, worksheets, books, and other helping materials and relationship-related tools that are to ease the process for which you have to sit in peace and do the work. This is easier to say than to do in person and if you are one of the right couples for this you will do just fine. if you’re not one of those couples than you’ll probably end up in failure instantly.

If you think that you and your partner aren’t up for the first solution then the second one is to visit a therapist over the internet so you don’t have to go to a physical location. In this website, you can meet and openly talk to the therapist as you want to and discuss in detail what your problems are who they came to be what were their consequences how you and your partner had reacted to it. Mort Fertel is a highly trained therapist devoted to helping couples such as you. He believes that every relationship should be given a chance before rushing to end it.

He’s always here to help you with your problems, what you need to do is enter your email address and you’ll be redirected to a page where you can choose your favorite plan. There are three plans to choose from, the first one is The marriage fitness audio learning system, perfect if you’re on a small budget, just make the payment and you’ll get instant access to the program where you’ll be able to download the program.

The second plan is the most popular plan and what Mort Fertel recommends is The marriage fitness tele-boot camp.

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And the last plan is the 1on1 private sessions with Mort Fertel, here is what’s inside this plan:

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You have to get rid of the feeling that the therapist might judge you for your actions too. They are here to help and not to exploit your shortcomings. You’ll also have the advantage of being in your home, the cozy environment of your home feels a lot better and helps you and your partner to open up easily. After the session you won’t have to deal with a broken marriage instead you would have a happy healthy and long-lasting relationship with your partner and plenty to look forward to in your life. All of this if you can get some out of office help to ensure you and your partner’s future together.

Now you have the two solid solutions you can use to repair your broken marriage without having to go to a local therapist’s office which you are willing to avoid at all costs. Choose the solution that’s best for you and also consider both the solution and their advantages and disadvantages. Whether you have chosen to get things right yourself or if you plan to use an online therapist or counselors help you have to start fixing marriage life’s issues right away without any further delay. Remember never to say no to help!

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