My Girlfriend is Still Texting Her Ex and Hiding it – Should I be worried?

So you found out that your beloved girlfriend is still texting her ex boyfriend behind your back and you’re wondering what is going on. You can never trust a woman to remain faithful all her life, but when it comes to having a relationship you must trust her if you want your relationship to last.

my girlfriend is still texting her ex

Trust is necessary if you want your relationship to reach the level where both of you have endless love for each other. If you find out that your girlfriend has been recently texting her ex-boyfriend and you are worried that she might abandon you and return to her ex, then what you need to do is calm down and have faith in the strong attraction that she has for you.

She isn’t doing the right thing but you have to act normal or else you might get her farther from you and closer to her ex. It’s not your fault that she is still talking to her ex but you have to trust her, she might be playing a trick to judge how much you trust her. Women like to do that to find how much men care about them or how much possessive they are when it to them.

Either way you must act normal and try to attract her to yourself through your love, talks, and behavior and don’t try to ignore her or she might leave you.


Why my girlfriend is still texting her ex boyfriend?

Before any rash decisions about your relationship with her, you must consider a few things:

  • Does your girlfriend text her ex-boyfriend frequently?
  • Did she do it for once or does it once in a while or every day?
  • What if she is texting to ask her ex for her things that forget to take back such as clothes or books?
  • What if she is texting him to find out how he is and what is he up to these days?
  • Finally, does she hide the fact that she has been texting her ex-boyfriend, or is she open and shared it with you?

What you do next is determined by how you answer these questions.

If she just texted her ex to say hello back then there’s no need to be jealous and when she feels that you are not infuriated by a mere text message from her ex, she might feel more respect and love for you than usual. All you have to do is to keep her attracted to yourself. But if she still misses him and that’s why she’s been talking to him for some time then its an alarming situation because she might break up with you soon.

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Were you two having a rebound relationship?

You know the kind of relationship that started after one has ended a long-term relationship with someone. She might have gotten into a relationship with you because she was lonely and you seemed to be the opposite of her ex and made her happy but now, she might want to go back.

Such relationships don’t always last if you don’t have the spark of attraction to keep her with you, she might just not be happy with you and may leave you if you can’t impress upon her your love and attraction to her.

If you’re having a rebound relationship and your girlfriend is still in contact with her ex-boyfriend, she probably has some feelings left for him. If this is the case, she might be driven to him. So you must provide her more love and respect than her ex to stop her from going down the path she has chosen.

It might be that she chose to abandon you not because she remembered her ex but that your behavior and attitude kept putting her off and she doesn’t feel right being with you. That’s because you might not be able to fill the gaps she wanted you to. Like other women, she might have thought that if she is in a relationship with someone who is the opposite then her boyfriend [which is now her ex ] she might be happier than ever before but when she realizes that’s not it,  she might want to turn back to her ex.

If you want your girlfriend to forget her ex, then you need to think what those gaps were that her ex couldn’t fill but you can. This might be the only way to get her back. You might also want to give a thought about what gaps her ex filled and are you filling them. Also, think about your current situation whether both of you are happy or turned off.


Make her forget about her ex-boyfriend

if you don’t want her to leave then you have to make some changes. You might be the kind of person who thinks that it’s her involvement with someone else and why should you be the one who has to make changes. You have to understand that a woman doesn’t always date his ideal man but just the one who makes her feel complete and happy and full of life, and simply fills the gap which remained open in her previous relationship.

If she still keeps talking to her ex then it means she can’t get what she wants from a man like you, you have to make her forget her ex and have a happy and strong relationship with you then you have to become the man of her dreams.

For that, you have to become a stronger, well-rounded, and better version of who you already are. This way you can make your girlfriend forget her ex and have more love, attraction, and respect for you.

so If you become a nice guy, one who always liked by people for his acts and dealings with others, after you have built your confidence not only will you be more charming to your girlfriend but also you’ll be treated with greater respect in social life, in your office, career and family.


Steps to change the way she feels

  • You need to find gaps in your relationship with her

Do you act dependent and unconfident and feel to be insecure? If you don’t have the will and aim? If you let her be the boss in your relationship?

Now to deal with such a situation is do all the opposite of what you normally do so she gets attracted to you to such an extent that’s needed to keep you two together.

  • Do some effort to figure out your issues and try improving yourself

Issues that you are facing like jealously being emotional, being too attached to your girlfriend, etc. You need to take care of these issues as soon as possible.

You can’t directly ask your girlfriend to tell you what you should do to change the way she thinks of you because that’s not going to help it definitely won’t change the way she thinks of you. If you don’t impress her soon her ex-boyfriend will seem like a very good option to her for which she might already be convinced.

  • You have to prove to her that you’re better than her ex in every way

When she sees you becoming the man she always wanted to have in her life she’ll leave texting her ex even thinking about him.

Remember not to spoil the progress you make by turning her off by being overprotective, insecure, and jealous of her ex as this would only get things better for her ex and all he has to do is to be more attractive than you are.

Don’t get insecure about the texts and be normal and try finding the reason for the texts. It might just be polite chat but if it’s not then you have to stop her.

Finally, you can ask her to stop or else you’ll leave her and if she doesn’t listen to you then that’s exactly what you will do. If you have been improving your personality and becoming a more attractive person then it would be she whose going to come looking for you and not the other way around.


Mistakes you should avoid if your girlfriend still texting your ex-boyfriend

  • Don’t ever ask a girl what she wants you to change.

She is not going to tell what she wants you to change because she doesn’t want to be your teacher all your life, she wants you to be a man figure out on your own what you have been doing wrong all along.

  • Don’t become too nice all of a sudden.

She won’t change her mind if you act nice. If she has lost love and respect for you, being nice is not going to change it. What you need is a different approach.

  • Don’t start to do more chores around the house.

It is one of the most common mistakes that doesn’t solve the problem at all.

  • Expressing your feelings to change her mind.

If she has already lost the feelings of love and respect for you then It doesn’t matter if you express your feelings to her or not because she doesn’t have the spark of love for you anymore.

However that’s not always true because some warm-hearted and polite and women inexperienced with relationships might find this enough to change their point of view about you after knowing how much you love and care for her.


What you deserve?

What you deserve is to be happy which you can’t be until you are in this relationship which is insecure and stressful. Whatever it is between your girlfriend and her ex, you should be treated with respect and be honestly made aware of the situation.

In such a situation you should think about whether she’s the kind of girl you want in your life. Now what matters is that you deserve to be happy and this girl might not be 100% devoted to you while you can find someone who is, so why keep trying to get her to stay while it might be in best interests of both of you to start a new life and have a strong relationship with a woman to whom you are fully committed.


My girlfriend is still texting her ex what to do now?

You can either try deepening love in your current relationship and forget her past and that she still texts her ex or you can attract another beautiful woman to replace her. The choice is yours no matter what.

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