Infatuation Scripts Review : Does It Really Work or Not?

Hi, I’m Sarah Ressler, in this article you’re about to learn more about the infatuation scripts and the secrets most women will never know about dating men and relationships. Several years ago, I decided it was time to help women around me who weren’t having luck with men dating and relationships, figure out and understand once and for all what really works with a man.

One of the fascinating things I found as I started helping women years ago was that while lots of women have the best intentions of being a great partner and being in love, they were accidentally making mistakes that turn men off or pushed men away. It was all because they didn’t get how men think and act when it comes to dating and relationships.

Now it’s important for you to know what you want as a woman to have your relationship when you meet a man, go in the right direction, and this is where the infatuation scripts come to play. The infatuation scripts will show you how to make a man feel that deep intense level of attraction that lets you know that you’re the one special woman for him and how to grow closer physically and emotionally with a man for a long time instead of drifting apart.

Now I want you to imagine this, what would it feel like to never worry again that your man would suddenly withdraw or pull away from you. And I want you to imagine what it would feel like to know beyond the shadow of a doubt how attracted your man was to you and how irresistible you are to him. I also want you to imagine knowing exactly what to do to instantly reconnect with a man and grow even closer any time any bumps come along in your relationship.

With the help of Clayton Max’s “Infatuation Scripts,” millions of women worldwide have a committed and loyal man by their side. I’m no different, because of this program, I found the man I have always been looking for.


What is Infatuation Scripts?

infatuation-scripts-reviewInfatuation script is a learning program that helps the woman to resolves their relationship issues and allows a man to love her whom she finds best for her. This program provides the techniques and methods to get back to the past relationship.

Clayton Max is the author of the infatuation script who does not have believe in marriage in his college days; he was resistant to commitment. Then a beautiful lady came into his life and changed his life. Her personality and charm compelled him to bend his knees in front of her. She broke his beliefs about marriage and relationships. How she did that? What was differentiating her from other women? What is the top-secret behind this?

Men are not attracted to a woman who controls him from the start of the relationship. Some women try to dictate their spouse and want them to do everything with their permission.

But contrary to this, a man wants a woman who is in full control of him. They want them to do the work with their permission. This is the fact that a man has got a dominating personality, and he wants to dominate his partner. It gives him a feeling of internal satisfaction.

So Clayton max convinces the woman to understand his man and does not try to be his boss. Develop a relationship based on equality; this will increase your respect and love for each other.

This is how the infatuation script teaches a woman to attract her man towards her.

There are three basic techniques of infatuation script:


Curiosity script

Curiosity is a trait that allows someone to continue dating you. So when you meet your loved one, do not put down all your cards in front of him. It means that you do not disclose each and everything about yourself. Men are born to be curious, and they love to have challenges in life. So become a mystery and challenge for him and let him solve it. Following this technique will help you remain his ‘only one’ and continue dating him. So at the end of each day, leave a mystery for him and make him guessing for the other whole day.


Investment script

Secondly, force him to put more effort than the necessary ones. However, if he wants you in his life, he will go out the way and make all the efforts to build up a relationship with you. This is the best way to make him realize that he loves to spend time with you.

Uncertainty script

Uncertainty script is related to the thing that a man wants to be independent; he does not want to be controlled by someone. If you try to get hard to him, this will make him lunatic. So understand the situation and give space to each other.

Men like independent women. Because a confident and self-dependent woman seems to be more hot and sexy to them, so let’s work and do not depend on anybody for any material thing. Moreover, at the end of each conversation, make him guess what is in your mind.

Apart from these techniques, in the program, there are nine more techniques to lure a man.

Contents of the program

Clayton max researched for many years and assembled twelve techniques to save a woman from rejection and improve her love relationship.

Many of the women reviewed that this program helped them to save their relationship. The increased demand for infatuation script has caused significant damage to the business industry and psychologists.

Here are the remaining nine techniques of the infatuation script.


Independence script-

Most men do not like a woman who depends upon him for every single penny. With time they get bored of this dependency. They are usually attracted to the independent and confident woman. Such ladies give them amusement and excitement.

This method advises you to become independent and make efforts to step up to claim responsibilities. Rarely some men might get insecure with your self-dependency, but most of them find it seductive.

Intrigued script

It aims to make your relationship more interesting and exciting—that relationship that does not distract him. The intrigued script helps you to develop ‘your interest and attraction. This might take time, but he will surely become crazy about you. You will notice that he will text you a lot. But do not reply to him at once; let him wait. This will increase your charm and His desire to get you. Do not make him feel that you are crazy about him.

Cliffhanger script

The more interesting book is the one that increases the readers’ suspense. Likewise, for the long-lasting and better relationship, do not lose your charm and attraction and become suspicious. One who is not easy to be unveiled? And Try to be the one with whom he loves to spend time.

At the end of each talk, make him more curious about you. Increase his desire to continue talking to you, and this behavior will urge him to see you every day.

Barrier script

As the word barrier explains itself, it means do not let him access you so easily. At times you can share your feelings and desires with him, but do not disclose yourself completely. Become a challenge for him; this will increase your attraction. Do follow this technique to prevent yourself from rejection.

Curveball script

Curveball is a baseball; initially, it seems easy to hit the ball, but when you kick the ball from near you, it deviates from the straight path. Just like the curveball, make your spouse assume that he knows everything about you. But he is wrong; there are a lot more mysterious about you; he needs to discover you more.

Shaping script

In this type of infatuation script, a man feels more strongly about you. You genuinely become his ultimate desire. Following this method, he will be more attracted to you and love to live his whole life with you. This changes his perspective about you; he begins to love your innocent gestures and wants to spend his entire life with these beautiful expressions.

Temptation script

You will see that following this method; your spouse will be sexually tempted towards you. You will make him crazy to have sex with you. No matter if you do not have looks, but it will be your personality and sexy body who will drive him insane. He will make all the efforts to get you on his bed and sleep beside him. And once he sexes, this will feel him so good that he will want to live with you for the rest of his life. Yes, to satisfy his sexual desire.

Uninterest script

This technique wants you to make him realize that he has to work to win you over. You will act as you are interested in him and are attentive to all his efforts for you, but in the end, you will make yourself unconcerned about him, leave a mysterious card. By the end of each talk, make something missing, do not try to prove yourself. This will increase your importance.

Urgency script

This method makes him feel that he might lose you and will never be able to see you again in life if he does not immediately take steps. He will make all the efforts to seek your attention and fight with the world for you. This fear will let him take the steps needed to flourish your relationship.



What will you get from the infatuation script?

If you are gearing up to buy this program, be happy because you will receive free of cost, THREE BONUSES. With these, you will be able to live the rest of your life with the one you love. So hurry up and apply for the method.

Here are those three bonuses of the infatuation script.


Bonus#1: the Commitment calculator

In it, Carlos Cavallo shares his experience of how he spent his entire life, thinking that he will never be in a relationship. But how a girl came into his life and turned all around him. He also goes for the methods to activate a man and make him freaked out immediately. But a mistake that most of the girls make is that they get into men, which makes men as they are wearing a leash.


Bonus#2: make any man yours for life

The author, Amy North, has been working for decades to help women build a love relationship with their ideal man. She advises you how to make your relationship’ cheat-proof’, which means if a man cheats on you, what steps you have to take. If he hasn’t still cheated than what you have to do to be the woman he loves forever.


Bonus#3: why men shut women out

The author condensed the answers of women through an anonymous survey into a mini-book, which shows why men shut women out. This book gives you access to men’s minds and helps you become the one he cherishes forever. Further, get all your dreams to come true by learning through this program.

Final judgment

I have tried every method to look attractive to the man I want. Like I used to put makeup, talk less, joined grooming classes, and a lot more, but all turned into vain. I used to have a passive personality. After doing all these, I begin to look for an expert in relationships. He guided me to infatuation script; as I bought this program, it opened new doors of learning and opportunities for me. It changed my life.

Many other women joined this program, and it unexceptionally changed their lives too. It prevented them from rejection and made them confident and independent. And you can read all the solutions to your problem in this addictive and inspiring book.

It feels great when you marry a man who loves you a lot, and thanks to this book that my dream came true. I got married to my only one this December, and we are happy together.



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