Language of Desire Review and Opinions : Does It Really Work?

The language of desire is a course that guides women to improve the connection and closeness to their spouse and take their relationship to a new level of intimacy. It reveals how nonverbal flirtation and secret dirty words can make a man deeply in love with them. Further, it also discloses the psychological secrets and fantasies of men and how a woman can fulfill those imaginations and fantasies. This is an in-depth Language of Desire review so keep reading.

language of desire real reviews

Hi, I am Elsa. I struggled the sexual desire, and I am guessing many of you too as well. I am a researcher so I can make a hypothesis that I will share my experience with you then you will feel less alone, or maybe I can guide you to do something about it.



The Language of Desire Review

I can never think of talking about sex in front of strangers. I grew in hillcrest, Texas, and I had a shy and awkward kind of childhood. But when I went to college I made a really unusual move; I started to date a man. My hormones and I were so excited about how things are going with this guy. We came so close and intimate with each other. Eventually, we married and moved to New York. We started our carrier and were blessed with a cute child. I was living a dream life.

But things were slightly changing. It became a trend that after every 6 to 8 months, my husband taps my shoulder and says “we need to talk”. We sat, and he continuously looks at me with a sense of rejection and says “I want more intercourse and intimation”, I look back at him with a sense of guilt on my face and say, “I don’t but I don’t know why?”

We were engineers and researchers so didn’t stop and come up with some solutions like going on vacations or dates. They worked for some time but were not that useful. Sex was really at the bottom of my to-do list.

Next time my husband again came and said” we need to talk” something really different felt this time like my fairy tale and dream life is falling. I decided to check out myself medically and went to many gynecologists, but no one worked. I became hopeless then one day I was sitting with my husband surfing on the internet, in a meanwhile a website came across us named as LANGUAGE OF DESIRE. I was curious about what it is about, I did a little bit of research about the program, I read some reviews on forums and dating blogs, so I decided to register myself to the language of desire.


What the language of desire did for me?

I enrolled myself in the program and went through its different modules, and it was really inspiring and thrilling for me. I learned that my pathway for desire and arousal looks very different from my husband’s. I also learned how my fears and shyness in childhood were affecting my relationship. Over time, I started to feel changes in my desire. It was slower to build but often reach higher heights; this was exciting for me.

So the language of desire increased my physical and emotional intimacy with my husband it was terrific that how our relationship was reviving and we both were getting closer to each other after a long time. Similarly, many other women out there can also increase their arousal and orgasm and decrease their distress. For this, they don’t have to go for any mental or health interventions. They just have to move out of their comfort zone and grab the opportunity of this program.

So get ready for this I am going to tell you everything about the language of desire that how this killer program will help you in your relationships. After going through this program, you will clearly understand how you can attract your spouse and make him desirous for you.



What is the language of desire?

This is a relationship and sex program that focuses on setting the fire in your relationship with your spouse. Firstly the program teaches you about the dirty and flirtatious talk, but afterward, it unlocks its other aspects. This program also reveals the secrets of physically gratifying relationships by making your mate feel like the best person in the world, unlocking his desires and imaginations by messaging him through the technique of mental G-spot.

Well, that’s a lot of information but don’t be foolish and disappointed. Go and get the guide and determine what makes a woman more desirable for her man.


Who is the author of this program?

the language of desire honnest reviewsWell, the language of desire was written by Felicity Keith. She is neither a guru nor a psychologist who experts in medical science to prove her claims. She is a 42-year woman with kids who shows her opinions with her life experiences.

After humiliating and upsetting moments with her husband, she decided to change the things and make them in her favor and make her husband physically interested in her. She designed this highly informative course through the research and gave it a try on her relationship. She comprehensively explained each and every aspect that in making the relationship better and durable what will work or what will not. Then she organized her findings in the form of a book and made it accessible to every woman.


What will the language of desire teach you?

Undoubtedly, in no time this program has reached its heights around the globe. Keith has been surprised that her simple method is affecting people’s life miraculously. And the main reason behind such a colossal impact is its accessibility. You don’t have to go for long sittings and awkward questions.

The course basically comprises of 10 modules. And each module has a further 4 to 5 sections. The course is made fun and enjoyable with interesting activities. It teaches us about every technique which is worth trying in the relationship and secrets of man’s psyche.

Become a sexual superwoman is one of the modules of the language of desire. It reveals how to get rid of the fear of the “slut” label and free yourself from unnecessary and self-made boundaries. It also tells that how can you tune yourself to a super sexual woman at the core of your being and build your desires and sensations. Moreover, it also unveils the psychology and chemistry of men. That how to make a healthy and better relationship? Why are they not interested in you anymore? Why do they ignore you?



Why do men want to be vulnerable?

According to studies, men want to be vulnerable, desired, and intimated with their partner. But how you can fulfill their desires?

Don’t worry; you will learn everything from this course.

The program is handy and available in mp3 format, so you can listen to it anywhere anytime like going to work in the morning, exercising in the gym, or traveling. This audio file is in the voice of Felicity Keith; she has a perfect voice. So it will be so welcoming to you in the morning.

This will disclose the reason why men want to feel that they are most wanted and desired. Men love challenges and tricks, so you also have to play games with them to keep them attracted to you.

Finally, the guide also tells how the text chemistry takes the relationship to the next level and uplifts the desires. There are 2oo different text messages that include the program. These messages will keep the fire ignited and make you even more desirous and attractive in the eyes of your mate.

All these things make Keith’s work unique.


Merits and demerits of the language of desire


What do I like about the book?

  • This book is compelling and works for every woman, regardless of their age.
  • It is easy to follow and understand as it is a narrative of Keith’s personal experience. Moreover, it will keep you desirous and wanted.
  • The guide helps women How to be bold and sensual to keep the man tempting for them.
  • Provide the tip of mastering the skill of seduction and stop behaving like a good girl always and feeling embarrassed about flirtatious talk.
  • The language of desire is based on scientific studies and researches, so it’s content authentic and trusted.
  • The book is not expensive.
  • There are many ways to get the guide that is pdf file, mp3 audio file so you can download it and learn by reading and listening.

All these will change the relationship and make it more passionate, thrilling and exciting.


What don’t I like?

  • The techniques and tricks shared is the language of desire are not for the shy and timid woman. Timid women will find it difficult to utilize these techniques. However, this can help shy women to overcome her shyness.
  • Emotional readiness is necessary for the sexuality
  • This book is available in the form of audio and soft form in computers so those who love to read the hard form of the book might not find this program useful or joy.


Does the language of Desire really work?

Yes, it is! The book is based on truth and knowledge. Felicity Keith didn’t try to sell this book by lying about herself as an expert, guru, or psychologist. She mentioned that she is a common woman in her 40’s, sharing her experiences and solutions through this book.

She put efforts to make the book accessible and understandable to every woman. She comprehensively explained each part so you can get advice easily and act upon it quickly and see the results.

Globally many women find this book useful and shared their testimonial. One of the customers says that she personally loved this book and it worked for her. she enjoyed it and overcame all her shyness and passive personality.

Another woman says that this guide is a masterpiece and a life changer.


Is the language of desire worth a try?

Surely 100% it worth a try. I recommend this guide to all women who are missing something in their relationship.


Bonuses included

The guide offers three free bonuses along with ten modules.


Bonus # 1: good Girl Guide to texting naughty

Often wonder what to text to your man?

Well, your problem is solved. This bonus offers 200+ ready to use text messages that will ignite your man and make him want you. These texts can make your man obsessed with you.


Bonus # 2: silent seduction

Words are essential tools to make a man yours. But non-verbal gestures can do wonders which you don’t even imagine. Both, so closeness and intimation both verbal and nonverbal languages have their importance. Inside this bonus, Keith shared how you can seduce your man silently.


Bonus # 3: unstoppable confidence

This is an audio bonus which is a 90 minutes talk between psychologist and relationship expert Michael Fiore and Michael Griswold. They share the secret of building strong and unstoppable confidence. Moreover, it also tells that how can you get closer to your man and reach to his heart.


Final thoughts

I hope this language of desire review helped you. I also learned a lot by reading and analyzing it. One thing I loved about Felicity is that she is a strong woman; she knows how to get everything she wants. Many women transformed their relationship by reading this book and following it.

Get ready! This guide will turn you into a crazy and ignited woman who can drive her man to herself. You will become his desire and love if he ignores you or become a workaholic you just to follow the tricks and get him back to you. But the guide will help you only if you get out of your comfort zone and start practicing each module. So don’t miss this opportunity! Immediately go and buy the program!




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