Magnetic Messaging Review : Does It Really Work?

You’re reading Magnetic Messaging review because you’re looking for a way to attract any girl you want through text messaging, right?. No matter the situation or where we are standing, we all need a partner to cheer us up in our low moments and give us a shoulder to cry on. Moreover, our sexual desires are our instincts that need to be fulfilled.

Just because of their shy or rigid nature, most men feel hopeless to win a girl. There are some useful yet straightforward dating tips through which winning a hot girl is not a dream now.


text messaging review

Magnetic messaging is an eBook that guides you to have a perfect date and give you some magical tips, and by acting upon those, girls can’t refuse you.

Magnetic messaging is a dating program which is written by Bobby Rio. It teaches you the guidelines for having your dream date. If you are a guy, desperate to find your date, magnetic messaging is the best for you.



Magnetic Messaging Review: My Story

Hi there, my name is Adam, and I am going to share my story with you, which will amaze you and leave you in a surprise of how magnetic messaging changed my life.

I have a huge friend circle, and I am always quite a famous person in my circle. You may be thinking that being well-known means having beautiful girls around me, and girls dying to be my date. Unfortunately, it is not so.

I do not have a good love history. I was in high school when I met Carly. She was a girl full of life, pretty, I fell for her the moment I saw her, she was just perfect. I told myself this is the girl that I want. I approached her, I was so nervous at the beginning, I was afraid of being rejected, but she was friendly, and somehow I was able to get her phone number. That was a lucky day, I felt so good and proud.

Everything was going perfect, I asked her out, and we had our dream ideal date. We dated just for two weeks, then suddenly she started ignoring me. I couldn’t get her intentions behind doing so.

I approached her when she was not even picking up my calls and went to her house straight. Her tone was as cold as winter winds. My heart was burning like a volcano.

‘It’s over now! We can’t get along,’ she said coldly. ‘Why? I gave you everything one can give.’ I had tears in my eyes. ‘You even don’t know the manners to talk to a girl Adam, I felt nothing with you but a hollow space between us, I was speechless.

Only I know how much that time was painful for me. It left me alone with my self-doubts. Time passed, I moved on with my life proceeding with my career. Time is bound to heal everything, and it did.

It was our office orientation when I met Jennifer. I felt like she is the one to date. After spending time with me, she sat with me one day and said such things, which prompted me to think of my love life and position as a partner. I had my own sexual needs, along with finding a loyal partner.

After analyzing inner me, I realized that I feel nervous to talk to a girl deep down. The main thing I lacked was understanding the woman I want to date. It was difficult for me to gain their attraction towards me and make them like me.

This analysis left me sad and hopeless. I thought myself the dumbest person who can’t even have a girlfriend. My vast friend circle and my popularity among them meant nothing to me. My friends used to ask me about my sexual life. They used to make fun of me as I was unable to have a beautiful, charming girlfriend by my side.

One day, I scrolled down my Facebook account when I suddenly came across the magnetic messaging eBook. Honestly speaking, its title attracted me. I don’t know why, but I had a gut feeling that there is something that can help me. I did some research online, and I decided to get the program and give it a try, I downloaded the pdf, and the thing is I REALLY LIKE IT.

I smiled and thanked the divine nature, which allowed me to read the magnetic messaging. It guides a man like me all the mind-blowing and easy tips through which one can easily win a hot girl, which he might think is unapproachable.

The writer divided the dating process into three simple stages. The day I read the magnetic messaging was the last day of my depression, anxiety, and self-doubts. The very next morning, I got up excited, and my inner feeling was like getting the best girl for my dream date.

After some days, in a public gathering, I met a girl named Sarah. A blue-eyed 22 years girl. I was unable to resist her charming personality. It was time to test the magnetic messaging. It guides you in three phases, and I acted upon these phases as described.

I got her phone number. The book described the ‘phone game’ as a crucial phase. With my fast heartbeat, I messaged her acting upon the instructions of magnetic messaging. Presenting myself unique from other guys and understanding her emotions, I texted her.

After exactly four minutes, as I was continually looking at the screen, Sarah’s messages popped up on my screen. I found her way of talking and flirting. It was a signal for me, and there was no doubt in it. I thought for a second, and all the guidelines of magnetic messaging were all over my mind and heart. I replied to her, according to them.

The stage of ‘phone game’ was successfully won by acting upon the guidelines, and now it was time to set up the date. Following the tricks mentioned in it, he asked her for a date. It was the happiest evening of my life. Sara and I are still with each other, loving passionately.

If you can relate to my story, or if you want to set up your love life, Magnetic Messaging is the best and the most effective for you. It changed my life, and I highly recommend the Magnetic Messaging to all of you.



Magnetic Messaging and Bobby Rio

Booby and Rob worked collaboratively and created this unique messaging system. Bobby Rio, a founder of TSB magazine, is a relationship and dating expert. He is a journalist, so it makes everything easy to grab and understand. Both Bobby and Rob worked together intending to help a guy in his relationships.

This program is based on the experimental studies on the raw guinea pig.


Part 1-the principles of phone game

The phone game is divided into three parts:

  • Initial meeting
  • Phone game
  • The date

The phone game is the basic tact to be used to improve the conversation with an attractive girl.

  • A solid phone game has three ingredients: Sparking emotion, making a connection, handling logistics.
  • The wrong ingredients remain polite and soft, ask questions, make small talk, and offer an explanation.

Most men don’t consider the ingredient of sparking emotions. They remain humorless and flirtatious, so magnetic messaging is a tool that helps you to change your texting style and attract beautiful girls.


Part 2: the first phase – you want to date her

Bobby and rob disproved the 3-day rule for waiting and contacting to a girl. They surveyed 100 women and discovered that most women love to be contacted within two days and always want that a guy starts up the connection first. The author also suggests that without setting up a meetup, don’t send more than two messages. This rule is difficult to apply, but you should follow it if you want to date a girl as soon as possible. Guys, it’s excellent!

If your girl text you that” who’s there?” then don’t mind and handle the situation in a humorous and relaxed way. You will be surprised how this will work; girls ask for the meetup. I was also shocked that how the guide triggers a girl.

The key-lock sequence

The key lock sequence guides following the three text or messaging sequences to urge someone to date. The three text sequences are:

  • Spark emotions
  • Make connections
  • Handle logistics

These are the key factors discussed in the book.


Why women lose interest?

Booby and rob teach to be determined and persistent to attract low-interest girls. Rob tells you about women’s psychology about how you can change their feelings and fascinate them. Have you ever encountered the situation when a girl met you friendly, but afterward, she ignored you? Well, you must have gone through this.

The magnetic messaging guide is here to get off these situations and increase your personality’s charm and charisma.


Part 3: looks at the “you’re sort of dating her” phase

Bobby and Rob suggest considering things differently when you are in this phase of your relationship. The logic behind the guide is that how you can ignite feelings in your lover without focusing her. How just a text works and sparks emotions. The most awkward moment is when guys decide to date a girl. Magnetic messaging gives a useful tip to ensure that it’s a date, not a job interview.

The “confirmation text” depicts that how to make her excited and fell for you.


Texting after sex

When it comes to text messaging after you have sex with her for the first time, they disclose distressing truths about what mistakes the guys undergo and share some beneficial advice on how to make her feel pleasant and build confidence after fucking her for the first time. By this, you can make her feel that you not only want her for sex.

Other parts in this course include quipping and perfectly praising her without pretending to be an ass kisser. You will learn how to create excitement with teasers that will make her want you more and be humorous without being a joker. They touch lightly on what to say on the phone and how it is strange to have a story to talk about.

You can learn about how to do this perfectly by a detailed study discussed below. The case study will show how to hit the right buttons.


Part 4: You are dating her

The last portion of this book tells you about sexting. From this part, you will learn about adding humor, increasing your joking capability, and telling you how to trigger your girl sexually.

In this part, there are a lot of pieces of advice on having healthy and fine relationships. Apart from these, there are some interesting parts in this section, particularly about how to start sexting.

The authors in this book have instructed us how to observe texting signals that will let you set a seductive context, observe something you can misunderstand to make your chatting more humorous, and make double meaning jokes while texting.

You will notice your texting style is far different from Rob’s messaging style. For instance, see that how he puts fingerprint on every message he sends, like, instead of saying “haha” or “lol,” he says, “hardy harharhar.”



Now here comes the most interesting part:


How to Start Sexting

I will not explain much here because I don’t want to destroy your fun, but the author has written very well and explained in the best way of how to begin sexting. He has also explained how to get your dream girl. By acting upon the techniques described in this book, your girl will say you YES.

Mostly Girls like that you send nasty pictures. The right way to ask will not be annoying and will create more and more natural action.

You can get all these bits of advice in one guide of Magnetic Messaging.


Do’s & Don’ts of Magnetic Messaging

Like everything, magnetic messaging has dos and don’ts as well. Let us describe them.


Do’s of Magnetic Messaging

  • Magnetic messaging eBooks give you the step by step guideline for your perfect dating. Still, they do remember one thing that it’s up to you how you put these instructions and guidelines to practical efficiency.
  • It’s up to you how you handle your relationships face to face. Do the same as guided in magnetic messaging for winning your dream girl.
  • The guide ensures that you don’t get involved in bad habits and remain witty and attractive.
  • The Bonus: 99 best texts of all time” is best to give to perfect texting ideas.

Don’ts of Magnetic Messaging

  • Part 3 is more about maintaining the standard relationship instead of talking about phone games.
  • The book is not well organized. It advises about the first date at the end.
  • The sexting chapter is not elaborated.
  • If you are not serious about your life, it will be difficult for you to find the perfect ones. The girls love guys who are straight enough to win their trust. Don’t play with their emotions, and they will be all yours using magnetic messaging.


Is magnetic messaging worth the money?

Yes, it is. At a reasonable price of $47, the book gives plenty of wealthy tips for your relationship. Additionally, the book comes with two bonuses

99 text messages of all times in PDF format.

Video training on how to make a girl infatuated with you

A thorough report on 12 best conversation topics.


A summary of the Magnetic Messaging program.

These are some fabulous features of the eBook which makes it your final choice for getting your perfect date:


  1. It breaks down the whole guide in three different steps which are:
  • Initial Meeting
  • Phone Game
  • The Date
  1. It mainly catches your focus on the phone game and teaches you how to win this stage
  2. The best thing about magnetic messaging is that it gives you the basic understanding of woman’s psychology and shows you how to handle it
  3. It teaches you how a female mind works and how you can understand their unsaid things
  4. It helps your texting manners by giving you the secret tricks and guides you about how you can set up a perfect date
  5. It focuses on the broader perspective and makes you concentrate on your love life rather than only pointing out the dating process.
  6. It teaches you to connect with the hottest and the girls of your taste without any hesitation
  7. Handling the logistics, which also means sealing the deal, is also a crucial part, and magnetic messaging takes your hand and brings you to an end by guiding you step by step.




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