Marriage Fitness Review By Mort Fertel – Does It Really Work?

if you’re reading this article, I presume you are pretty much exactly where I was a little while ago when I was absolutely desperate to find anything that could potentially save my marriage, so if you’re here you’re actually looking for more information on the Marriage Fitness Program by Mort Fertel and wondering if this program actually works, worth your time and money.

It’s saddening to know that even those couples who make an attempt to save their marriage and opt for counseling and taking an expert’s opinion still fails to save their marriage and are usually divorced after hardly a year or so.

Imagine how frustrating and exhausting it could be that even after putting a fortune into solving your problems through a professional expert, you still find your relationship at the same broken phase or worse, divorced, or separated.

So, I would advise you to choose the wisest option out of the two, Marriage Fitness, which has pulled back many marriages from the clifftop called separation and hence, saved them.



Marriage Fitness Program Review By Mort Fertel – Does It Work?

Let me share with you the story of Chris Marshall and how he was able to save his marriage from divorce following The Marriage Fitness Program. I met Chris in a Marriage Forum and I sent him an email asking him if he’s interested to share with us his story and inspire other troubled married couples to solve their marital problems and make them believe that there’s still hope to save their marriage.

I was in the same boat that you were, desperate didn’t have any clue of what to do and out of the blue my marriage which I thought was a perfect marriage just crumbled right in front of me, it just shattered and I was completely blown away I had no idea what the heck was going on and just completely ruined my life.

In the process, obviously I thought my life was completely over, my life was just collapsing in front of me I had no idea what’s on earth I had to do why this was happening to me.

There’s just so much information on the internet, a lot of marriage programs that claim you will get your spouse back in a short period of time, or promise you to get your marriage back on track and so on, and none of them resonate with me. I was just going around in circles and circles trying to figure out who the heck could finally help me and I did everything imaginable.

Then one day, one lucky day I just happened to stumble onto this one guy named Mort Fertel and started getting his emails which you can start getting immediately right now, click here then click “fix your marriage” button, enter your name and email and you’ll get his emails for free and just his free emails gave me hope finally, and what he was saying finally made sense. Everything he was talking about all these different things but one thing that Mort Fertel said to me right away in the emails was “yeah whatever I know what your wife has done what’s YOUR problem what did you do wrong.

This was a huge change for me, the truth is I was cheating on my wife so it was my fault but guess what, I was not cheating on her with another woman I was cheating on her with and everything else that I was putting first, for example, my work I was cheating on her with my work if there was something that needed to be done at work I would pay attention to that before her. The truth is it hurts as much as having an emotional affair or sleeping with someone else, it’s the same.

Once I understood that concept, it kind of blew me away and I realized I need to pay attention to this guy so then I started reading more stuff from him and let me tell you something, I and my wife were living in the same house at the time like enemies, and when I tell you our marriage was bad, we were pretty much on the verge of divorce.

We had both met divorce attorneys in secret, we were literally on the verge of divorce, and as far as why our marriage eventually collapsed to that point, I mean it was as bad as you can imagine, and some of the things that happened were as bad as you can definitely imagine. it was horrible.

And yes suicide and all that kind of stuff popped in my head I couldn’t believe that I was even thinking about something like that, I went and got therapy for like two sessions which you know I quickly found out that I didn’t really need to talk my feelings through I just needed to get the proper education of how to properly fix a marriage and let me tell you this, fixing a marriage is not a 50/50 concept you do 50% your wife does 50% no, it is a hundred percent concept and it’s a hundred percent YOU, so don’t even think that you need to have your spouse involved in this program.

Mort Fertel and his wife went through the same process, even he was on the verge of divorce, both him and his spouse met an attorney so I could really relate to what was going on and he has figured out and broken down exactly what it takes to have a successful marriage and how to rebuild it even when Trust has been broken, and when trust is broken it’s the worst. but he’s figured out how to do that and it’s absolutely amazing so if you’re here and considering Mort Fertel program, do not go anywhere else.

In fact, I started writing a blog about this several years when I first got inspired because I made my marriage work again I just wanted to help people out, so if you’re ready to start working on your marriage, look no further and click the button below.



What is The Marriage Fitness Program?

It is a program that was designed by Mort Fertel to reach out to those couples who are in dire need of something to bond them back into the relationship. He gives all the credit to the problems he had to go through in his married life and his tactics of getting them all sorted out trained him so much that he got in the position to help others in need. The tragedy that he and his wife went of losing two children at once left them both agonized and devastated for a long time. Not a single day passed when they didn’t have the bitter-blaming each other fights. It was at that time that both of them wanted nothing but divorced from each other. But Mort Fertel loved his wife and when he thought about it rationally he realized he couldn’t imagine a life without her.

This program allows you to have solutions according to your budgets as well as discounts providing you solutions for problems like:

  • Infidelity
  • Broken Trust
  • Emotional Neglect
  • Brink of Divorce
  • Boredom
  • Separation
  • A Stubborn Spouse
  • Emotional Infidelity
  • Silent Treatments
  • Lack of Appreciation
  • Midlife Crisis
  • Failed Experiences in Marriage Counseling

As you might have noticed, this program covers a very vast variety of issues in a relationship and is therefore suitable for all couples out there. Now let us have a closer peek at the individual programs one by one.


The Marriage Fitness Audio Learning System Review

the marriage fitness audio learning system reviewThis is simply designed for those couples whose finances do not allow them to have a 1-on-1 private session or the Marriage Fitness Tele-Boot Camp. It has got 5 audio CD which is a ground-breaking step-by-step guide that promises to teach you ways you can neutralize your problems and helps you in implementing passive relationship habits which is a sure way to “heal the old wounds”. It will restore the connection that you and your spouse once had and the best part is that it doesn’t require you to bring up past in your conversation, instead you will be amazed at how effectively this thing starts working when you notice prominent changes in the behavior and attitude of your spouse around you. The spouse who had given up on you earlier and was adamant about having nothing to do with your wanting space would be all around you like a lost puppy, seeking your attention and love.

We are sure about you getting results because hundreds of couples have restored their marriages which were in for some serious trouble.

Following are the topics that The Marriage Fitness Audio Learning System will cover for you:


  • Replacing efficiency with intimacy
  • When is the time to NOT decide something
  • How to break your past so that it’s on its knee
  • Listening in a way that will make your spouse pour her/his heart
  • Restoring the element of honor in your marriage
  • Plan of action if your spouse befriends their X
  • Things you can do if your partner starts having intimate online friends
  • Plan of action if you are getting attracted to someone other than your spouse.
  • Getting and giving the right amount of attention
  • Things you can do if you two are not having enough time with each other
  • Breaking the ice
  • Dealing with a partner who is not willing to listen
  • Ways you can make way to your partner’s soul
  • Ways of keeping small things stay small
  • Reconnecting with an emotionally absent spouse
  • Meeting your needs
  • Making mutual decisions
  • Becoming a team instead of staying two individuals
  • The primary 4 principles of a long-lasting love
  • Changing your spouse
  • 2 monthly things you can do to bring your romance back in its place
  • 5 habits that you can adopt weekly to lighten your marital environment.
  • 7 daily acts that you can adopt daily that promises the restoration of love in your marriage
  • Getting over the mistakes of your spouse and the feeling of hurt
  • How to forget the past and moving on with the beauty of your life?
  • Way to snapping out of any destructive patterns or behavior


Cautious Words

One thing that I think is a must for me to point it out to you is the fact that this program does not hold some magic spells which when ushered, would have your spouse spell-bound and make her fall helplessly in love with you again. In other words, it’s not going to work instantly. And I would advise you to not believe anyone who promises such fast outcomes, they are just trying to make money and are not being honest with you. In reality, it could take from weeks to even months for your spouse to notice the change in your behavior towards them and that your preferences have changed. Actions are always louder than the words and hence, we believe that you should let your changed actions take the lead and let your spouse notice it.

However, you may see some short term results immediately but the long term results may not come overnight, but they are sure to last a lifetime.

Wait no longer! Click here and let Mort Fertel help you get your marriage back on track


The Marriage Fitness Tele-Boot Camp Review

Mort Fertel recommends this plan over any other plan as it has got a success rate of over 90% which is simply very encouraging and amazing.

The best way to relieve your pain and get rid of the depression that you are in thinking about your relationship and how it’s going to fail soon is The Marriage Fitness Tele-Boot Camp.

It’s effective and cheaper if compared with your other counseling sessions. The guide is surely more detailed and comprehensive than anything available out there.

Below are the features that you can avail of by joining the Marriage Fitness Tele-Boot Camp.


  • 7 Tele-Seminars

This is a detailed insight into your marriage transformation and skills that are going to turn out so relevant to you that you will think that this was specifically custom-designed for you.

You are going to learn what exactly can you do to turn the tables around and how to apply the marriage fitness approach according to your situation.

The seminars are held over a TELEconference, which means you don’t have to worry about rushing to a specific physical place to attend it, nor have to put aside any important work to attend it. TO be honest, both can go side by side, all you need is an ear-phones and good internet, and you are all good to go.

There are no extra charges. You and your spouse can both connect at the same time either from the same phone or from different phones and different location, as per your convenience.

  • Solutions Library

The most detailed audio library in the world and talks about the marriage crisis and its solutions. According to the reviews and feedback of its users, it has got the most satisfying responses and solutions to one’s problem. It is stated that people come over here all frustrated and confused and once they have had their answers, they are more clear and calmer. It has got 162 audio files that are searchable depending on the content.


  • 15 Part Audio Learning System

All set for you to have it listen to it at a go. Whether in your car, exercising, or simply sprawling on your sofa, you can take full advantage of it.

You can opt between accessing the audio online or having the CDs. The series will answer all of your questions and will not leave you lingering for more answers. It has got a step-by-step detailed instruction on how to transform your marriage and bring it to a safer place.

This Audio Learning System is the most detailed program (about 20 hours Long); guiding you how you can renew your marriage, it’s renewal and it’s available anywhere in the world.


  • Workbook & Personal Journal

On this platform, Mort gives you a chance to explore yourself and make notes of everything that you think is important in your relationship’s betterment or making it worse. Get ready to dive into the world of doing assignments, quizzes, and home-works.

This workbook includes over 200 pages of journal entries, practices, and insights, I would advise you to work on the hard copy instead of digital online access.


  • Open-Mic Q&A Teleconference

Mort Fertel specifies and hour in which he holds up a live question and answer teleconference. You can have a direct solution to your issues and the answers are based upon your exact circumstances During a pre-scheduled hour. As this is a Teleconference, you don’t have to pay anything extra, just dial in while staying in the comfort of your home either with your spouse from one phone or separate phones on different locations.


  • Autograph Copy of Marriage Fitness

To date, there have been 5 printings and hundreds of thousands of copies sold. This program is endorsed by the famous Dr. Stephen Covey (7 Habits) along with seriously hundreds of readers who have taken advantage of it in their married life, authors, relationship expert, social worker, Ph.D.’s psychologists, therapists, and counselors. You have the option to either keep a personalized signed copy by Mort Fertel or an e-book that you can instantly download in your system.


  • 7 “Homework” Assignments

The assignments given are just a way to put everything you are learning into practical use and you will be surprised at the changes it brings in your married life.


  • Implementation Schedule

It is scheduled in such a way to provide you with a step-by-step guide, helping you in renewing your marriage terms with your spouse according to the benchmarks set weekly that you have to meet and other daily assignments.

  • 5 Marriage Assessments

You will need to highlight earlier the 5 areas in your marriage that need real attention and that should be worked upon.


  • Members-Only Website

Are you afraid of missing a teleconference? It’s okay, we understand that you could be busy at an hour that we might be holding the teleconference therefore we record it fully and make it available on the website and you can have an ear to it whenever you are free from your member’s login. In this, you can find your solution library as well that we talked about earlier.


  • Lone Ranger

Even if things seem impossible to patch up between you and your spouse, either because they are having an affair and moved out and are not taking your calls, or worse if they have filed for divorce and are unwilling to get help from anywhere. Don’t worry. This plan targets such uncooperative spouses and tells you a way in which you can draw back your partner and start patching things up between you two.

Let me assure you this, that it does not require the input of both of you. You alone is enough to get things back to normal. In this Lone Ranger Track, we will teach you how you alone is enough to improve your marital relationship with your partner and inspire your partner enough to make them want to join this program.

Once they are ready, you can always move to the Duo Track within no time and for no extra charges. Isn’t it amazing?

We know that it could get irritating and exhausting when your spouse is not trying and you may get low at some point too thinking that it might not just happen. But trust us, if you keep on waiting for them to come around by themselves you are doing nothing but making your situation worse and difficult to reverse.

Remember that it’s never too late for anything and that it doesn’t matter from which side do you start constructing a bridge. So start now from your side to reach up to them.


  • Duo Track

As the name suggests, it is a program when both you and your partner are ready to put the effort. So, if you two are into doing this, register now in this track no matter whatever your marital condition is. Even if you are separated and no more live together, you can still get enrolled in this track and pay for simply one person and call from two phones in different locations.

If you are still not sure which track suits you best and which track you should go with then don’t insist on your partner to join you. Simply Invite them in and if they seem reluctant, you always have the option to go with the Lone Ranger Track. And on that track, ill guide you on the ways you can motivate your spouse enough to join this group. And the fact that you can switch between the program anytime in between is just super awesome.

Don’t put any other moment to waste, react now, and let Mort Fertel turn the tables around for you.

Click here to learn more about the Marriage Fitness Tele-Boot Camp


1-on-1 Private Sessions with Mort Fertel Review

1-on-1 private sessions with Mort Fertel reviewIf you think that your problems and situations are too complicated to be solved with a help of a CD, or over a phone call in a conference, Mort Fertel also provide you a chance to meet call him in person and then explain your misery to him in detail and get help.

Also, Mort Fertel is available to be called through private full-day interventions and we all know that there could be no substitute for this. When face to face, you would have the chance to talk openly about your complex situation and let him get to the root cause of your distress in the marriage. You may invite him to your home a suite near the airport or any other place that you think would be appropriate for you to talk without hesitation.

Click here to know more details about the 1-on-1 Private Sessions.


Is The Marriage Fitness the Right Program for You?

This is something you are well aware of, that your marriage didn’t go wrong in just a day or two, so expecting it to be reversed back to being picture-perfect is also not going to happen in a day. You will have to be patient about the timing and for this program to take effects. Therefore, if what you are looking for is step-by-step guidance and coaching on how to make everything right between you and your spouse, then this program is for you. So, are you ready to put a timely effort in your relationship through this program and invest as much time as it takes to help your marriage resolve its crisis? And do you think that an investment made in the path of saving your life-long love is an investment worth it? Well, if yes, then there is no other option as good for you as this program!


Does Marriage Fitness Work?

As stated earlier, there has been a success rate of about 90% which is not small. You can read the reviews and feedback of those who were once in distress just like you are right now and are spending a happy life with their partners now with the help of this program on “Trustpilot” which is indeed a very trustworthy website in which you can review the feedbacks of different products.

marriage fitness program real reviews


Final Thoughts

As it was Mort Fertel’s personal experience that triggered him to produce this program to help others, it is built in a way that would help you analyze your current condition in a very different way and will let you understand your problems and their solutions perfectly. You can get into the free marriage assessment to see how you can ensure a divorce-proof marriage life.




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