My Husband Left Me For Another Woman and I Want Him Back

If you love your husband more than anything and he left you for another woman, while you still love him and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to save your relationship then you are in the right place to look for.

my husband left me for another woman what should I do

Here we are going to focus on what you should do if your husband suddenly leaves you for another woman and how to move on. We will also look at ways how to tackle such a situation and if your husband wants a divorce and the fact that will he ever come back, how to deal with your children in such a situation and what to do if he demands children’s custody.


What to do if your husband leaves you forever?

It can be an extremely hard time for you if your spouse suddenly abandons you and it happens so quickly that you doubt being in your senses. If this is the situation then you have to take some steps to stabilize your mental state. You first need to confirm whether or not your husband in an affair or was it you who drove you away and he hasn’t been in a relationship of any kind.


Hangout with your friends more often

One of the best ways to forget your partner is to spend a great amount of time with your friends to such an extent that you don’t feel your husband’s absence. You can have drinks with friends more often, watch movies at the cinema, go to the gym more regularly do more exercise than usual. You don’t have to keep remembering the moment your spouse left you. You need to believe that you are a good wife and it wasn’t you who abandoned the other in the first place.


Don’t take all the blame

It is quite natural to blame yourself for ending the relationship and think negatively all the time but don’t get hard on yourself, be kind to yourself and remember that it takes both of the partners to end the relationship and not one. At times when you blame yourself and think how you could have made a difference, remember that you’re a good person and its hard being in a relationship and things don’t always work out how they were supposed to or how you wanted them to be.


Try to fix your marriage

The case might be that your husband has left you but you haven’t given up on him yet. You can’t let go of your marriage that easily. Ask your spouse directly if you could do anything to change his mind and if he could reconsider his decision if you told him to do so. Striving to stop your husband from divorcing you won’t be an easy thing to but if you still think that you love your husband then shouldn’t let go without a fight. But if you do this be prepared for what’s coming because you asked for it, your husband will tell you the very reasons why he left you and you might not like most of them but you got to have patience and try to understand his point of view and then maybe you could mold yourself to fit the way he wants to be and you might get things to work out between the two of you and start a new life.


Ask your husband to think about your kids

You make your husband realize that if he leaves you what might happen to your kids. How will their lives be affected negatively and how stressful it can be for the children. You need to think about how are you going to tell your children about it.

You could discuss how you going to get through this as a family and try to minimize the discomfort and stress they might feel. If they have some adult friends such as a favorite aunt or uncle ask them to be there with them so that they can talk to them if they need to.


My husband left me for another woman can I win him back ?

There are many reasons for which marriages are broken but marriage falls apart due to an affair is the most difficult to deal with especially when it happens all of a sudden. You will also feel like being rejected and replaced by someone whom your spouse assumes to be better than you.

What you can do in this difficult time is any one of the following things:

Try strengthening your bonding with your children

You could focus more on the well-being of your children while you try to distract your attention from the real problem. This way you can spend more time with your children and get to know them even better and they can help you recover as they are a delight to talk to and they make you forget all the tensions that you may have. And remember never to fill children’s hearts with hatred for someone. If things don’t work out for the two of you, it doesn’t mean you can manipulate your children to think of their parent to be some sort of monster just because you couldn’t live with him.


Talk to someone

One of the most difficult things is to get over infidelity. If you keep thinking about it all the time and think that you are stressed out because of it then its time you visit a counselor. This can be very helpful as a counselor can guide you through your hard time and teach you to trust someone because after being cheated you won’t trust anyone the way you used to. The counselor will help you recover by relieving you of the burden you had on your heart, so its always a good option to see a counselor.

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Get yourself busy

Staying busy will help you get around the situation a lot easier as the less you think about it the better it is and you could keep reminding yourself that you don’t necessarily need someone to be happy. You need to be positive and exert your energy to a useful purpose such as community project another hobby or focus on the future of your career.

Remember always to give time to your children and don’t leave them alone at this time of need. As you’re the only family he has right now.


Will my husband come back after divorce?

When marriages end in divorce often one partner didn’t want that and hopes that one day the other may realize what he has done and may come back, but does that really happen?

Yes, some couples do realize what they have lost and after separation by a divorce or a trial. Eventually they get back together and that’s when they need a counselor to help them get over their past problems and help them get rid of the problems. Even if you have left your ex behind even then you should consult the counselor about how not end up in a broken relationship and ask him how to forget your ex if you still can’t get over it.

More importantly whether you see a counselor or not both of you must forgive each other before the break up so neither one feels guilt or regret after being rekindled with someone else.


My husband wants a divorce what should I do?

Both of you should give a thought to the idea that is your relationship worth saving. If so trying to save might give you peace of mind. Sometimes it’s in the best interest of both of you to let go of a relationship that has no future, and instead of striving to live with it have a combined decision with your partner whether or not to stay committed to the relationship. If it’s the case when your husband feels himself to be a useless part of the family who only brings sufferance in your life and wants to go away you should not let him stay away from when the time comes to convince him to become a better husband and a good father and ensure him that you’ll be there with him through thick and thin and you haven’t given up on him yet and act as his counselor till he is no longer a failed man but a one determined to bring good times for his family.


My Husband Decided To Leave Me, Now What?

When your husband suddenly reveals that he no longer wants to live with you, it’s a shock. You cannot tell what went wrong. Here are some of the things you could do after hearing such news.


Talk to him

Before taking any sudden decisions, you should try to talk him out of a divorce or find another way around this before starting any legal proceedings.

You might find out some things that your husband didn’t like and you could have changed them it was just that you didn’t know what they were and you wouldn’t even know now if you don’t talk to him. Great issues of wars were settled with talks and there absolutely nothing that cannot be solved through talks. Don’t react too impatiently thinking if he does not want to live with me then I will be first to leave him I will reject him before he can reject me, this is a wrong approach to such an issue and its not the right way to act foolishly. You must act as a responsible individual in the relationship if your partner is not in his senses lately.


Try to settle the issues

After having a nice talk, you should focus that you are willing to solve the issues indicated by your husband and are going to cooperate with him in normalizing your relation and giving each other another chance. Also tell your husband what your viewpoint is where do you think things went wrong and what you suggest to have your partnership back on the track. Make him feel that you are trying to save your marriage for the greater good of your children and there well being and up for anything hats next.


Try to change your behavior

One of the best ways to set things right is to change your behavior although according to you your behavior hasn’t been bad or rude in any way but it might have seemed so to your husband, so try being more polite than usual for your relationships’ sake.


Find someone else

If all else fails and you couldn’t change your husband’s mind in time then its time for you to move on and don’t keep on running on a wild goose chase. Try finding someone who really cares about you, the kind of person who doesn’t abandon relationships all of a sudden. You might find someone like you.


Getting a lawyer

If all is lost and you think that your husband will stop at nothing to get the divorce and it cannot be avoided at all then you need a lawyer. Although lawyers don’t care if you get a divorce or not they just want money. However, it’s the best way to seek legal advice for the legal procedure ahead to formally divorce your husband in peace and move on with your life.


Deciding your children’s future

The best way is to decide mutually who would keep the children or if one child stays with each one. If both of you cannot decide you can ask the children who they want to be with if they aren’t mature enough to take the decision then the court will decide what’s best for them and one of may have to ask his lawyer to open up a children’s custody case. If the children are small, there is a great chance that the decision will be in favor of the mother unless she’s not capable of it, which the other layer will try to prove. One who gets to keep the children has to allow the other to visit them once a week and share their monthly expenses according to the court order.


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