My Husband Wants To Leave Me What Should I Do ?

If you are on this page, it means that the road to your love path has become rocky and un-pleasurable. Has your husband given up on you and the relationship that you two share? Is he being very cold and distant towards you lately and you have no idea what to do to pull this relationship back from the brink of breaking.


my husband wants to leave what should I do


My Husband Wants To Leave Me What Should I Do?

Well, I will be very honest with you. Sometimes, it’s not possible to bring him back, especially if he has decided to get away from you. He will, at any cost. But, if he is still unsure and if he has some feelings left for you, he can come back. Only if you don’t push him away from any further. Below, I will discuss with you some steps you can take to save what yours and signs that would suggest he won’t stay.


Signs Your Husband Wants To Leave You

It might hurt you, but it is better to know and be in the light before he breaks it to you and shatters your heart that he wants a divorce. I will tell you some signs that are clear indications that he has made up his mind to end the marriage.


1. He Never Has Time For You

He is deliberately keeping himself busy so that he does not have to interact with you. He does not make any plans with you and tries to stay away from you as possible.  His feelings are still not mature therefore he is confused and restless himself, therefore he finds solace in keeping him busy at work or maybe, hanging out with friends.

2. His Looks Have Changed​

This may not be true in all the cases, but your husband taking extra care of himself could be an indication that he is not mentally present with you, but his mind is somewhere else. Remember the good old times when you two met, how conscious you always were of your appearance, and how hard you tried to always look extra good to impress him? Well, now you can put two and two together and say that him being extra conscious about his looks is a clear sign that he is trying to get someone’s attention.


3. All-Loving Feelings Have Gone

There are small things that let us know that our partner loves us. It does not have to be an ‘I love you’ now and then, but tiny gestures which indicate that he is still bond to you. If it has been very long since your husband has cuddled you, tickled you on finding you alone, or taken you out, it could mean that he has deliberately distanced himself from you and seeks separation.


4. Sexually Inactive

How long has it been since you two have come closer in the bedroom? Now, you know your husband and his routine. So if he has overlapped his routine and you believe that he has been acting distant and tries to avoid coming to the bed when you are awake, it’s a real tell-tale that he wants things to end as in his mind, he has already ended this relationship. Although, if he wasn’t as active regarding sex even before, then you may just ignore this. Read this article if you to fix a sexless marriage.


5. He is always looking for ways to dump you

As mentioned earlier, avoiding being with you is a clear indication that something is wrong. If you have been doing your part and planning dinner or days out and he always comes with an excuse or simply rejects your offer he is avoiding you. If you attempt to make plans with him such as going for dinner or booking a holiday and he always seems to come with an excuse for why he can’t then something could be wrong. If he is finding excuses not to go for dinner or go on holiday, then he may be avoiding spending time with you. That may be due to his confused state as he doesn’t know what he wants and is waiting until things get clear in his head.


6. He Has Made New Friends​

If suddenly your husband tells you that he is off to meet a friend that you have never heard of or sees a new name of his phone ID, it clearly shows that he is up to something. Surely, it could be that he has genuine new friends although you need to be extra skeptical to know that he is not making a cover story and not referring to his regular friends just because you talk to them regularly or their wives.


What Now?

So, once all of the above boxes have been ticked as yes, now we know that your husband plans to leave you. You need to come out of this shock as early as you can and think of ways that you can save your marriage from shattering. Although we understand that you would want to give him a piece of your mind, in the beginning, it is very important for how you act that could make a difference.

I have listed some response actions that you can take and things that you should not do.


1. Don’t Think About Begging Him ​

Knowing all of a sudden that the love of your life is about to leave you forever, the reflex reaction would for sure be to beg him to not go. However, remember that your husband is not new to this and he has already planned everything in his head, therefore begging him to stay and not go would never make him change his mind.


2. Don’t Worsen Your Situation

That’s quite an obvious one. If you know that you are at fault and your husband is leaving you either because you have become very short-tempered and tend to complains a lot or you are having an affair with someone, then the most obvious thing to do would be to stop it right now before it’s too late.


3. Don’t Pressurize Him​

As tempting as it might be, don’t pressurize him into doing anything. Neither staying with you nor divorcing you. Let him relax around you, tell him how you feel about it, and then let him decide. If you do so, maybe, just maybe your husband comes back to you seeing how calmly you are handling all this. Getting aggressive and putting pressure on him would just lead him to want away from you.


4. Identify The Reasons Why He’s Planning To Leave You

Think back and think hard. Try to remember all your fights and quarrels and come to the conclusion that what was always the basic reason for your fights. The best thing to do right now would be to leave your “I” right now and get submissive and take all the fault on your head and excuse for once, telling him that you can make it better again!


5. Get a Professional Involved

Although your husband is all set to leave you, he may be willing to settle things out if you seem keen on giving it a try. Therefore, the best step to take would be to get professional help from someone you both would listen to understand and who can provide you with an unbiased opinion. In that way, you both would have minimal arguments while solving things out.

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