Signs Your Husband or Wife Will Cheat On You Again

You don’t have to be overly skeptical if your spouse has cheated on you once, however you should be alarmed if your husband depicts these signs…

We all know how unfair cheating on your partner is, still it happens as about 27% of divorces happen as a result of an affair. You may think that you may never be able to come over the fact that your partner cheated on you, but trust me things get better and you move on. Although on a condition that now your partner stays loyal and you find it in yourself to forgive them.

signs your husband or wife will cheat again

As depressing as it might be, but about 20%-55% of a partner who is caught cheating once will cheat again.


Signs Your Husband or Wife Will Cheat On You Again

You can never know and be sure about whether your partner would choose the path of deceiving you again or not, but you can follow these simple tell-tale signs to know if your partner would be loyal in the future or not.


No Remorse Whatsoever.

Genuinely feeling bad about your actions shows that you understand how bad your actions have been and what damage they have caused to your partner. However, if your partner depicts no sign of genuine remorse indicates that they don’t understand the graveness of their mistakes and they are more likely to cheat again.

You can know if your partner feels bad by looking at their actions. For instance, if they are concerned about how you feel afterward and make genuine attempts to cheer you and make sure that you don’t go in depression mode is a clear sign that they are here to stay.

You will notice that they are very patient and open about you complaining or grieving upon them ditching you in the first place.  However, if your partner shows no sign of being guilty or remorseful it means that they don’t care about the damage they have caused you. It indicates that they are selfish enough to put your happiness in the last.


They Expect You To Get Over Their Ex-Affair Easily

This is an alarming situation as it indicates that your partner is not on the same page as you are and they can’t get their head around the idea of why is it so hard for you to get over their ex-affair.

Generally, even if your partner has not cheated on you, never allow them to show abusive tendencies such as telling you to stop being so sensitive or even get over with whatever you are going through. If this is the case, you should highly think once again about your try to salvage this relationship.


They Prefer Masturbating Over Having Sex With You

Do you notice your partner turning you down now and then and make an excuse for how and why you both can’t have sex together? Do you think they prefer masturbating solely over having sex with you? Well, it could indicate two things;

  • They are either being loyal to their affair-partner or
  • They have lost interest in you completely

Whatever the cause is, remember that it is a death knell that you are trying to save your marriage.


Have Been an Abuser from Start

It’s a very well-known fact, that partners who tend to abuse you verbally can turn into a full-time physical abuser anytime. So if your partner abuses you with insults, power plays, or criticism now and then and does not care about how you feel. What’s stopping him to hurt you again via cheating?

Unfortunately, abusers do not change. Some abusers use cheating just as a tool to hurt their partners. If this is what’s happening in your life, then you surely should not waste your time saving such a hurtful relationship.

As brutal as it may sound to you dear, but people who abuse you in the name of love do not love you…


Still in Contact With their Affair partner

Don’t be fooled by your partner saying that they promise to change and make you happy this time around if they still haven’t stopped talking to their affair or if they are still in any kind of deliberate contact. Their inability to leave them indicates the priority they give to their affair over your relationship. Understand that things will not change and this affair will continue, whether you approve of it or not.


Approach You Immediately on Getting Caught About Open Relationship

It never stops amazing me to an extent of disgust that how partners immediately bring this logic of “an open relationship” after they are caught red-handed. This clearly shows that your partner has no guilt, remorse, empathy, or respect for you or your relationship. As they are willing to go to any extent to not have to leave their affair partner. Trust me, nothing good happens even if you let your partner forget and forgive. They will be back to their normal routine in just a week or two. It has happened to me twice so I know how dreadful all this experience is. My husband even threatened me if I didn’t let him sleep with whomever he wanted.

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They Have a Pattern of Cheating

If this is not a one-time case where some sudden proximity caused a mistake in emotion and your partner made a mistake and had to live with what they did, understand that it is a habit and habits cannot be changed just by being sorry. They were already cheating on you while being in the relationship, so how can you confirm this they won’t cheat again once they are forgiven. If anything, they’ll be more confident this time that even if they are caught, you will likely forgive them again.


They Have Already Cheated On You Once

There is a very famous saying, “Fool me one time, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me,” about cheating. Many studies suggest that those who cheat once will cheat again given the opportunity. You have already given them a chance last time, don’t bother to give them a chance again and allow them to once again fool you around shamelessly.


No Promising From Their Sides

If they don’t even bother promising you that they won’t cheat again, I mean come on, what other obvious indicator do you need to believe this?

However, it can be said to be good on their part that they are not making false promises with you and being upfront, but what you need to gather is that they intend to make the same move again, hence not promising anything.

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