Text Chemistry Review : Does Text Chemistry Really Work?

In this Text Chemistry review, we will cover everything you need to know about this program and help you decide whether this program is for you and make the most out of your purchase.

We are all spending our lives at home with our phones due to the COVID-19 lockdown. Dating and flirting have not stopped. Here we are introducing a popular dating program designed by a renowned relationship and dating coach Amy North. It was designed to make a man psychologically obsessed with a woman.


text chemistry review

This program teaches a woman how to create “sexual chemistry” through texts. Every man has the instinct, which is a biological drive, just like sex, hunger, thirst, etc. Once triggered, he will find himself impossible to ignore you. He will find you more alluring and enticing than other women on his radar.

If you had a lousy love history, then text chemistry is best for your relationships. Globally it helped thousands of women.



Text Chemistry Review: My Story

Hi, I am Jenny. I am going to share my story about how Text Chemistry helped me meet my love. Since high school, I always had terrible times in my relationships. I ever dreamed of a man who will come in my life and give me his unconditional true love. But I think it only happens in love movies.

I used to see girls fell in love instantly for a guy and ended up with him for their whole lives. My first relationship was at college when I was young and didn’t have any dating experience. I felt that the guy also feels the same for me, but I was wrong; he was never attracted to me. So it didn’t work for me.

I wanted someone more committed. My dream came true, and I met John at my friend’s wedding. We saw each other and instantly fell for each other. He did everything to impress me, gave me a surprise lunch at work. He used to call me at midnight every day. And we both planned fun and romantic dates. I felt that I finally find the one I was waiting for for so long. Then I don’t know what happened. I noticed signs in his voice. He started to ignore me, he neither texts me nor calls me at midnight. I texted him many times, but he didn’t reply. I remained calm and relaxed.

Then after two days when I was at my boiling point, John called. I was about to scream, but he said that he couldn’t call me as he had a lot to do. He promised me to meet at dinner at our favorite restaurant. That day I came early from work and put on John’s favorite dress. I waited for his call the whole night, but he didn’t call. He left me and broke up with me without saying goodbye. I texted him many times, but he didn’t respond, although they were marked read. The whole break up was just awful I probably didn’t know what on earth I have done. It all ended up crying, blaming myself, and wanting him back.

Eventually, I realized that why don’t I change myself? Why this always happen to me? I took countless courses that change myself in relationships, but those were just useless. Then one day I was read a blog post on a dating forum and I came across TEXT CHEMISTRY. Honestly! The title appealed to me. I found something different and exciting. Began to search for it on the internet and noticed that it was popular among girls and women worldwide.

I decided to buy it. It opened my eyes and made me realize what mistakes I was making in my relationships. Also, it showed out how I can change myself. The recommendations provided were logical and practical. So I opted for the program without high expectations, but it proved to be the best decision. Text chemistry was hard for me to swallow because it told me about my blunders. Texting was never a big deal for me, but through this course, I realized that things we say and how we say matter a lot. After that, I changed the tone of my messages.

After the two months of the breakup, I texted him following Amy North’s advice, in less than a month, he began to show interest in me again and he replied to my text messages fast, he told me that he wants to come over to see me, we had good times together and we both felt relief. It was the text chemistry that changed my instincts and revived our relationship, even deepened it.

I planned to keep following text chemistry because it worked in my case. In this way, text chemistry changed my life and helped me realize my mistakes in the relationship.



What Text Chemistry is All About?

Text chemistry is a dating guide developed by a famous and well-known relationship author and counselor Amy North. In this digital era, messaging and texting play a vital role in communication. By communicating with love, we can win many hearts.

You suppose that it’s challenging to grab the attention of a man and keep him. But it’s not so. By practicing the steps written in this course, you can date the man of your own choice. The secrets described in this guide will help you harass your man’s mind and fill your love in his heart.

By using some easy techniques, he will be completely obsessed with you. Once he is attracted to you, he will never think of anyone. Images and thoughts of you will penetrate his mind every time. He will dream about you night after night. Under the impact of a Psychological cocktail, he will keep thinking about you.

Text chemistry has helped thousands of women get their best partners and live their dream life. The most beautiful part of this guide is that you don’t have to be a glamorous woman to attract a man. You can grab any man’s attention regardless of your size, height, weight, and beauty. Without these arsenals, you can have him head-over-heels obsessed.


About the author: Amy North

Amy North is a professional counselor and a famous author. She has developed fine and unique skillsets. Due to her expertise in these two areas, Amy North has extensive knowledge about the science behind relationships.

She helps people by guiding them about dating and telling them how they can keep their partners happy. Amy is a real expert in her field, so she has become famous internationally for guiding couples to build healthy relationships.

She put all of her study and experience in one place, and a fantastic result is formed. The result is the Text Chemistry guide. This influential collection is a mixture of hard work and passion for many years.

The results are amazing and impressive, and the work itself is proof of it. Amy North’s character and skills illuminate every word of this course. This guide reflects the hope that every woman can have a healthy and beautiful relationship.


What Will You Learn From Text Chemistry?

in Text Chemistry, several hidden gems will surely change your life. It will guide you completely on how you can reanalyze your relationships at any stage. In this guide, you will learn essentials of how your partner will text you back quickly and frequently. Additionally, you will learn the texting approach that will keep the attention of your man towards you. He will always think of you, and you have to efficiently perform a solo woman show repeatedly.

Is your ex ignoring you and trying to get rid of you? Do you want your ex back? Type a special “Satellite Message” and send him to make him feel sorry. In a little while, he will regret and beg you for another chance. You can take his control back and keep him wanting you more by using preexisting “hard-wired” conditions of the brain of man.

What about the lost long-term relationship? To re-ignite the flames, try the approaches of “Game On” and “Super Nova.” Once again, with the same passion, make your partner feel that your relationship has blossomed in the first place.

Another enlightenment of this guide is to recapture your man’s every thought and make him miss you. This course will be helpful for an extended period. In no time, You will be in each other’s arm again; He will never leave you. The time that is spent apart will be an extension of sexual desires, and it will be sent through texts.

For the best and ideal game-changer, learn to fill his mind with subliminal tips for long term relations. Drop hints that will make him want you forever and settle down with you.



Text Chemistry : Pros & Cons



  • You can easily follow this simple program. This course is specially kept short, sweet, and to the point. All the videos and books convey essential messages in an organized manner.
  • This program provides you three free bonuses that are available for a limited time. These bonuses include Phone Game, Why Men Leave, and Quality Men. On Tinder, they are usually sold for $29.99 each. People who will order will soon get these with the complete guide in less than $50.
  • You will not regret buying this program. You will not lose anything because, according to the author, the methods described in this course will surely work. Amy is even willing to refund you if these techniques don’t work for you. For a refund, within 60 days of your purchase, just send an email for a refund. You will be refunded without any questions.
  • No matter what your current relationship status is, this guide covers all range of relationships. This program has enough ability to revive your relationship and will provide useful results for every woman.
  • You can easily and quickly order this. In just a few clicks, you can have access to the complete guide. Literally, everything you need is under your control.



  • You cannot replace one-to-one dialogue with texting. These may be the best techniques for your relationships, but face-to-face interactions are more useful for healthy relations.
  • You may perceive it as playing with man’s emotions, so it’s essential to use this knowledge attentively. If your partner feels that you have played him, it will have adverse effects on your relationship.
  • You can only purchase this program if you have an internet connection because it is available online. People having no internet cannot access it.


Does Text Chemistry Really Work?

Numerous reviews and recommendations guarantee about the amazing results of the Text Chemistry program. The guide provided by Amy is benefiting many women like you. Every day women are seeking guidance through this program. Women from all over the world, from different backgrounds, are united for this standard program. All those are experiencing happy and satisfying relations with their partners. This guide will literally change your life forever regardless of your story or what struggle you are experiencing.

The man for which you were dreaming will be by your side forever. You both are meant to experience happiness together. By using this program, you can let your man commit a meaningful and robust relationship with you, which will bring joy to your life.


Final verdict

One day and gone the next, if you are tired of the cycle of erupting relations, then don’t panic. Right now, just start a new journey for seeking happiness forever.

With this stunning program, you can brighten up the darkness that surrounds you and many other relationships. Many women have undergone pains, headaches, and pitfalls, just tear them by following the techniques described in this guide.

Don’t use the same destructive techniques for a guy after a guy. Instead, have belief in the intuition of the author and start to live like a princess that you are. You know that you are well deserved, and he will also understand this soon.



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