The Devotion System Review : Does The Devotion System Really Work?

You’re reading the devotion system review because you would like to know what is man’s utmost desire about a woman? How can he be emotionally connected to a woman forever? How can a man who always cease to look after her, will do everything to recover his relationship with her?

does the devotion system really work?

Hi, I am Emma. I had a best friend named Olivia. Once we were having a tea on Saturday evening, she said that I guess we will never get a man who will always completely love us. I had found a stunning man, but I couldn’t be able to tell her about him. He was the man with whom I wanted to marry and spend the rest of my life.

His name was William. He was smart, tall, handsome, and had perfect hazel-grey eyes. William and I met at one of my friend’s birthday party. The moment we both saw each other, we got excited. I feel chill in my spine. At that time, I decided that he is a man whom I was searching for for many years. He also gets involved in me.

After that, we used to have dinners together, we shop together and date well. In short, we have the best intimate relationship.

But, after some months, something terrible was happening. The brightness of our relationship was fading. William was not taking an interest in me. He was getting cold. He was not paying attention to my text and phone calls. We barely meet. Whenever he met me, I felt like he is not with me mentally. It felt like he was having a relationship with another woman. I felt detached and was afraid of losing him. At that time, Olivia’s words hit my mind.

But I planned to get back him, and not to lose the love of my life. So, one day I decided to make his favorite food and surprise him. I made food and went to his house. There I was shocked that William was lying naked with a woman. I saw the woman’s face, and she was none other than my best friend, Olivia.

I was astounded, depressed and utterly broken. I cried a lot and couldn’t eat and sleep well for many days. But then I decided not to be sad anymore and work on myself not to be mistreated by men. I was tired of these suffering. I promised myself not to date any man who was a loser.

It was the time to not be hurt anymore and to recover myself. I started to read all the dating guides on the internet. At last, I found “The Devotion System”. This guide was handy. I Learned and applied many attraction techniques that pull every man towards me. Techniques that I learned were so advanced that every man could be forced to experience addictive love and affection.



What I Have Learned From The Devotion System

In “The Devotion System” I have learned precisely to attract any man towards me. To ask him to be with me for the whole life.

I even used these tricks on my crush, James, and the results were unbelievable and effective. James was the man who sleeps with a new girl almost every day, but I solely date him for nearly one whole year.

I am also dating my current boyfriend, Thomas, using the tricks that I have learned. He is a handsome doctor. He has never thought of leaving me. I even used these techniques on William. He begged me, but I didn’t give him a second chance.

Ladies! Trust me its incredible. Go and try this.


The Devotion System Review

Amy North is popular for giving life to your relationship through her advice. She has plans and ways to help you in finding the quality man you deserve. My review is based on one of her most popular dating programs: The Devotion System.

Let us read on to find how this program can benefit you.


Basics of the Devotion System

 The Devotion System is designed to give women advice and guidance on every stage of their relationship. It’s a complete guide book, assessing you on each stage; whether you are on stage one and can’t define the giddy feelings for him or you are on stage 2 and you’re thinking of ways that you can send him a first text message. This is the book that’s a must-have for you. Although it does not promise to work 100% for every different case, it sure enough, can awaken the self-consciousness and self-awareness in yours.


The Author Behind This Program

 The author behind this program is Amy North, she’s a Canadian dating and a relationship coach having experience in this field for over 5 years, excels at guiding on matters like divorce, breakups, marriage, and dating. Her belief that love demands a life-long commitment from both partners is prominent in all her advice.


How The Devotion System Can Help You?

 Once you have logged in to the member area, you will be able to download the eBook. It can be read online on the browser or you can install the kindle/iPhone version.

Amy North has divided this book into three main sections;

  1. Letting go and moving on
  2. Men 101
  3. Stages of Love

Although the information in this book is general knowledge and is usually very known the way she presents it makes it different and more understanding for the readers to follow. The structure of the book is also very attractive and cohesive, sticking the readers to read on and on. The guide first begins with self-improvement and then further continues to highlight other main topics.



  1. Letting go and moving on

According to me, if you want to solve a problem in a relation, you need to start with your self and find your mistakes. It is very uncommon and not practical that even upon looking back, you can’t find your mistake or where you went wrong! It’s always two people that complete a relationship, therefore a problem can’t be in only one. Therefore, instead of playing blame games, look for your loopholes, instead of pondering over your partners’. Amy North focuses her attention on moving away from your past and beautifying your personality more than the looks. As we all know, ‘good looks fade, but a good heart keeps you beautiful forever.’ And this is what high-quality men look when finding a long-lasting partner.


S.P.A.R.K Technique

Amy wants its readers to develop five personality and character traits to become the dream partner for their future’s-to-be.

  1. Keen and kind
  2. Radiant and real
  3. Attractive and admirable
  4. Playful and positive

The bottom line in her book is to believe in yourself and move on.


Becoming attractive and Doing Things You like

In this section, Amy covers the ‘Six Steps to Embracing Your Inner Marilyn’. It includes the steps you can take to give a boost to your confidence as well as a change in the way you think about yourself. For a starter, it tells you ways you can feel good about yourself by doing small things for yourself, as small as grooming and doing things that you enjoy and then taking photos. It does not include a magical formula for giving a boost to your confidence, instead, it just highlights some basic necessary steps that most women overlook.


  1. Men 101

This part of the book covers Men in general. Amy completely guides her readers on how to understand their opposite partner and break some bubbles of that prince charming and the 0h-so-perfect men that are mostly shown in novels.

Following are the topics that this section covers:

  1. How to Hook and Seduce Your Man?
  2. What makes Men chase you?
  3. What pushes him away?
  4. Myths about men
  5. how men work, etc

So, this section would give you an idea of what goes into your man’s brain. However, if your focus is more on your man’s psychology than your self-development, you should also give another book a try!

What I like about this book is that Amy places a huge focus on the importance of good communication between the partners. Because a lack therein can lead to the main big conflicts and misunderstandings later on. Therefore, it becomes very essential for you to excel in ways of communicating that your men best like. Some men like vibrant and mostly outspoken girls but then some men prefer their female partners to be soft-spoken as well as not too extrovert. The differences in the preferences cause most of the clashes. Therefore, it is very important to make your relationship strong to know what type of communication makes your man happy and responds to and what puts him off and makes him ignore you.


Stages of Love

The last section of The Devotion System gives guidance on several aspects in a relationship, what with attracting your man, dating him, and then making him addicted to you.

It first gives guidance on conveying ‘Monogamy Message’ to your partner, i.e. letting him know that you love him and care for him. Then it moves on to teach the ‘Phone Phrenzy Technique’. This is usually very well understood amongst the ladies, a basic topic that talks about how to contact and talk to him over the phone.

Then there is a section that talks about satisfying your man and making him happy in the bed. As usual, the guide first focuses all the attention towards you, and the importance of knowing your sensitive spots and how your body works best.

Later on, she’ll talk about your man’s ‘Hot Spots’ and the importance of knowing the area that he yearns for you to touch. It is well explained with full graphics making it very easy to follow.

To know other topics that she covers in this chapter, click on the pictures above to open the subtopics.



Bonus Materials

The Devotion System have got 3 more bonuses for its readers:

  • Finding Love Online
  • Cheat-Proofing
  • Textual Chemistry


I found the last, Textual Chemistry to be something that shouldn’t be missed reading as it focuses on techniques to tie up your man to you over text messaging. For instance, Amy teaches a better way of asking questions to your lover over text messages that would reel your man’s heart instead of bothering him or irritate him.

Okay, so that’s it about the eBook information, now let us go through some good and bad sides of this book.


The Goods


  1. The content is well structured

Amy has done a great job in structuring this book for its readers and giving it a smooth flow. As it first teaches to know and love yourself before you love someone else.


  1. The program is highly versatile

No matter what stage your relationship is on, Amy has the guidelines for all. Either you are starting your relationship or on the verge of collapsing, Amy will hold your hand and guide you enough to save what’s yours.


  1. The program focus on improvements within

The guide is not somewhat a written spell that you can memorize and say it in front of your lover to bound him to you forever. Instead, it grooms you, your inner beauty, your self-esteem, and makes you want to look after yourself more than anything and that makes you so lovable that your partner falls in love with you every day.


The Bads


  1. Some part of this book is just common knowledge.

As stated above, it’s not a spellbook! Most of the information in this is general knowledge that we know but look past it although if you are new to this love and relationship, then it might prove to be the best guide for you.


  1. It requires a great deal of patience.

Patience. Patience is always a key to success, and so is the case with this book. You need to take in what you read and bring changes within yourself, that is the only way this book is going to somewhat work for you.


  1. This is just a digital product.

If you are the one who likes to read from a book in hand and eBooks just do not work for you, then I’m afraid this is not for you. Because this is solely an eBook, a digital product.


Final Verdict

I believe that one must give it a read to know how men think and what makes them happy and what makes them infuriated with their partners. Although, if you do plan to read this book and apply the changes stated in your life, I’d suggest you start afresh on a new page, forgetting all the negative thinking in the past. This book is going to give you an idea of what you excel and where you lack behind.

Again, this book does not hold a secret phrase for you to say to your man, to be honest, there are no such things. It’s all about time, patience, understanding, and making yourself so much attractive and beautiful, both inside out so that your man is always compelled to you. It tells you ways to improve yourself to make you the best version of yourself. Therefore, if you are looking for ways to improve yourself, boost your inner confidence and look at yourself with a positive image and understand what would make your man always happy with you, go ahead and read this book!



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