The Tao of Badass Review : Does It Really Work?

Hi, I am Jacob. Here I want to confess that the program The Tao of badass is best. I am going to share my experience with this guide here. Though it’s embarrassing, still I will like to share it with you people. if You’re looking for The Tao of Badass review, keep reading.

the tao of badass review

My relationship story started about three years ago when I was in college. I was a timid person, but still, I managed to have a girlfriend. Our relationship lasts for about two years. My girlfriend got a new job, and I was happy for her success. Both of us celebrated her new job. There were mostly males in her office. I thought that she will never deceive me and will always love me despite working with guys. But one day I came to know that she was cheating on me and dating one of the guys in her office. The most embracing and frustrating thing was that she was also making fun of me and my shyness. I was disappointed and lost all hope. At that time, I felt like I will never be able to date any girl.

After this severe rejection, I started to search google of different programs that will help me to date girls. While browsing every time, The Tao of badass appeared. Firstly, I ignored it, but while it was popping, again and again, I decided to read its reviews. Those reviews were very positive, and these positive reviews urged me to purchase this program. At the start, I got too bored while reading it, and it seemed too difficult to apply the strategies that are mentioned in the book. But I was burning like a fire, and this pushed me to do something. I decided to learn the strategy thoroughly and to apply them in my life. I have to leave my comfort zone to gain something, so I also did that.

By practicing all the techniques that were taught me in the book, my personality boosted up. I was no more a shy person. I was confident and know that now the girls will be attracted to me and one day I will find and date my dream girl. The seductive techniques were terrific in this program. It took me long to change myself and see the results. My friends and relatives noticed my changed personality.

One day one of my friends challenged me that after having such a long course, you still not be able to attract any girl. I accepted his challenge. To boost myself up, I drank beer, I went on the road. There were many women there, I started to talk to one of them, she got impressed by my confident personality and started to have a conversation with me.

After a long talk, she even gave me her phone number. I was feeling successful at that time and was thanking Joshua Pellicer for his amazing and perfect techniques to seduce a woman. After that I went to the bar, there I also had an in-depth conversation with many girls. There was also a girl who gave me her phone number and even one girl kissed me. At that time, I was thinking that my money doesn’t get wasted by purchasing The Tao of badass.

Practicing the techniques is just like learning a new skill, and learning a new skill demands hard work and time, you need practice. When I started to implement these strategies in my life, it felt so tough. But once I began to see its amazing results all that hard work paid off. Now I enjoy implementing those tricks in my life and due to these tricks today, I can date many women at a time.

Summing up, The Tao of badass is something great for you if you are not a person who regularly meet up girls. If you want to get phone numbers, chat them, and wants to move next many more steps, then this eBook is definitely for you. In short, I would recommend, every man who wants to be an alpha man should go and try this. I guarantee you that you will never get disappointed. Just Stay Focused for better and finer results.



 The Tao Of Badass Review

If you want the review of The Tao of badass then keep reading this article. You will learn a lot from it.

It’s a desire of every man to look attractive to every woman while purely acting normal. This is a complicated task, and many men failed to have a concentration of women and sexually attracting them.

If you are one of them who would like to have a perfect and exciting relationship with women, or if you have a desire to entice women, but your tricks don’t succeed, then you should have to work on improving your behavior and self-esteem. You must know how to communicate a woman generally.

My objective is to assist everyone to get themselves better and also getting their social and sexual relationship better, as I know that it is very frustrating to meet negative people again and again.

I wish that I will help not only females but also males. For this purpose, I speak to many men, trying to be aware of the techniques that make men lovely in the eyes of women. Some of them admitted and declared that their romantic relationship was modified and become better by reading a guidebook named “The Tao Of Badass.” This book is a gospel for those men who want to be best in their lovey-dovey relationships with their women.

For personal gain, I read the whole book, and after reading it, I choose to write a review for all those men who are facing difficulties in their relationship and for those who want to be dream and desire of every woman. So, it will be a great pleasure for me if I will be able to improve the many lives of unsuccessful men. And I will be pleased if they will be able to make their relationships better and will become a fantasy of many women. You too, give this fantastic book a read and discover which strategy will help you out.


Things You Should Know Before Buying This eBook

As I just mentioned above that every man intends to be able to draw the attention of women and to hypnotize them. Likewise, we can say that every man wants to be a stud muffin or alpha male, that is desired by every woman to be her partner.

The Tao of badass guarantees to change any man into an alpha man by guiding him with a few techniques that can be easily implemented in his life. Anyways, if you are persuaded to read this program right away, then you should take the following things under consideration before purchasing this.

Firstly, before buying it, you should know that the success of The Tao of badass is built on the extent to which people are learning and making themselves a better person. Anyhow, this book is not a “magic bullet” that can change an ordinary common man into lucky successful stud muffin.

You will have to work a lot on yourself for changing your routine and modifying your character and personality. If you are not ready to change yourself, then simply there is no need to buy this book because it will have no gain and is simply a waste of money.

Furthermore, if you are a shy person, you should be aware that it be hard for you to comply with this program.

The Tao of badass is a scheme that is based on changing the inner self. Many of the strategies mentioned to draw you out of your comfortability. Think thoroughly about how much you can modify yourself and how much you can surrender yourself to make your personality better and to reach specific goals.

This program is intended to let men be genuine and real in front of women, communicating with them in such a way that they can easily understand.

It is not a confidential matter that males and females have a distinct way to expect and think. For being a successful man, he must know how to communicate with a woman. For this purpose, he doesn’t need to act entirely differently. Many books guiding the techniques and tricks of dating and having a good relationship will make you look unreal, abnormal, and fake in front of women.

The Tao of badass prefers a different point of view. This program will guide you with some unique and different plan that will help you keep your personality real while being entertaining, communicating women in the best way, and giving your communication a pinch of mystery.

Now, if you want to learn the tricks to make your personality better and to date a woman in the best way, then you are informed that The Tao of badass is the best choice. Just have the courage to change yourself.

The Tao of badass is customized for all those males who want to enchant and fascinate every woman by talking them effectively and efficiently.

The Tao of badass can also be best for all youngsters who have recently started wooing women. In my opinion, every man is rejected at least once in life he feels disappointed, but don’t worry, this program can lessen this situation by guiding youth on how to get the attention of not only good-natured but also smart and beautiful girls.

Finally, this program can surprisingly provide help for those men who are previously dating women but seems like they do not get flourish in it. Many of people are divorced and end their relationships due to failure to communicate effectively with their partner. This can even occur if you concern about your dream girl. By refining your communication skills, you can convert your normal relationship into a delightful and joyful relation.



What is The Tao Of Badass?

Now if you are ready to buy The Tao of badass and you are satisfied that this program is for you, then let’s find some other details about this program. Let’s check what it is actually about.

“Joshua Pellicer” has built this fantastic program. He is a very famous dating mentor and writes articles for many well-known websites. He trains his customers to contact and engage romantic companions. According to the author, the objective of this program is to train every man with distinctive and unique seductive and captivating methods that will influence and excite every woman.

The author “Joshua Pellicer” became well known in few past passing years due to the remarkable dating program that he introduced. Actually, The Tao of badass is mainly the reason for his fame. This program was so productive that it remolded into a dating organization. The name of this company is “The Tao Of Badass Inc.”

Regardless of the present achievement of Joshua Pellicer, he was not good at approaching women. As a point of fact, he was an average person who was opposed by his woman in his first relationship. Due to his failure, he decided to learn all about women’s mindsets, secrets to talk and approach them.

After many years of mistakes, faults, and exploration, Joshua Pellicer perfected and finalized his seducing and attracting strategies. All that he gained from his experience of many years, he put that in this program of The Tao of badass, wishing to help other men who face the same difficulties in their relationships. He did this to stop them from making those mistakes that he did.

The Tao of badass is a PDF eBook. This eBook has ten parts. The first seven parts explain how women think differently than men. These also define how to understand the women and men, build confidence, and communicate with them. It aims to transform a man into an alpha man. The author of this eBook has also disclosed all the meaningful gestures of women’s attraction towards a man. You should have to learn the perfect way of talking while communicating with a woman.

The most exciting thing in this program is that its eighth chapter is not assigned to men. This shows that this guide is not only useful for men but also for women so that they can live a happy and prosperous life by romantically attracting each other.

Apart from that, it also contains a specific chapter for the most severe mistakes that men make while trying to gain women’s interest. Avoid only ten mistakes, as mentioned in this eBook to be a successful dater.


The Tao Of Badass: Pros & Cons


Original dating advice:

Many guides teach us about dating. This dating program is real and can not be found all around. For instance: it not only guides men to become alpha men but also teaches them to overcome their flaws so that they can attract their dream girl.

Based on practical experience:

Unlike other guides, this guide is purely based on the practical experience of the author. He made in-depth research on this topic and then wrote this precious eBook. Joshua Pellicer experimented with every chapter of this guide himself.

Can make your emotional life better:

You can either make your relationship strong or can make your sexual life better. But don’t ever hurt or deceive your partner.

Additional bonuses:

One of the fantastic offers is that they provide different gifts along with the actual eBook. These gifts may include videos, mp3 audio files, and other related pdf files.

Easy to understand:

This program is elementary to understand as the language that the author has used is quite simple and easy to understand by everyone.


Demands a lot of hard work:

Merely reading this guide is not enough; you have to work a lot to make things right and to make yourself a better person. In short, you have to leave your comfort zone to achieve something.

Lengthy content:

Although this program is designed simply, still it is very lengthy. If you are not interested in reading any type of material, then you will get bored while reading this. Luckily, the author has recorded this and is available in audio files.

Not related to everyone:

Only one person the author of this guide has experienced all the given strategies mentioned in the guide. So, it doesn’t need to benefit every person.

May not influence every woman:

This guide may not affect every woman. This eBook helps us to work on our self and become a charming man and also how to attract women. But these techniques will not work in some cases like trying to attract a shy woman etc.

All the points, as mentioned above, will help you to determine that either you want this guide or not.


Attributes and advantages of The Tao Of Badass

  • Increase of self-respect 

The main advantage of this program is to build self-confidence in men so that they can engage different women.

  • Easy to accept

As mentioned above, the author has used simple language so that it can be understood and followed by everyone.

  • Many ways of learning

Apart from pdf files, you can also learn this program from audio files and videos.

  • Lifetime access

When you subscribe to this guide, you will become its member and can be able to access the member area for a lifetime. Here all the videos and audio clips are also accessible.

  • Extra free bonuses

This program offers many free bonuses; some of them are as follows:

  • Learning how to stay away from being cheated.
  • Teachings of either to become monogamous or polyamorous.
  • Learning different strategies for alluring a woman who sees you as a friend.
  • Instructions of how to end up a relationship like a real man without hurting feelings of a woman.
  • Acquire knowledge of how to use your body language effectively
  • Audio files are covering the in-depth study of all strategies that are discussed in The Tao of badass.
  • You can have the accessibility of resource area that can help you to acquire other material relating this.
  • Asking a question and sharing information with other readers of The Tao of badass.
  • Within one month of purchase, you can refund your money if you are not happy with the content.
  • There is a blog module on the main website. Here you can access many helpful articles related to wooing and dating.

Does The Tao Of Badass Really Work?

The main question that will arise in your mind is: does The Tao of Badass work or not? The answer to this question is YES! All other dating guides are also good enough, but they all need some minor improvements.

All the strategies have helped users and me to attract women in a better way. The rate of seduction for almost all users is also refined.

Still, some users have found a fault that the author is not finely making the video. According to Some users, his voice tone is irritating while others complain that the author is not conveying the message in a lively way.

However, the techniques discussed in the program will surely improve your personal life.



To gain women’s attention is not an easy task. There are no miracles in the world that will save you from disappointment and rejection. The Tao of badass will surely assist you in attracting women and in being confident. This program defines the best strategies that will change you into an alpha man.



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