Why Do I Miss My Ex So Much All of a Sudden?

People often miss their ex after being dumped and even those who dumped them might miss them too.

It’s completely natural to miss your ex because being a human you miss the person you loved so dearly. Your ex might miss you and worry if you have moved on faster than him.

It’s not easy to forget the moments you shared with your ex while a relationship that lasted for a long time and the moments you enjoyed. You might still miss those moments and have a desire to live them yet again with the same person. But that’s not possible because your ex is no longer in a relationship with you and might have left you forever. Because of this unwanted reality you think that you might never have such moments ever again and might never be as happy as you once were.

why do I miss my ex so much all of a sudden

If you still miss your ex all the time you need to realize that your feelings of a reunion are highly exaggerated and that’s not what you need and you won’t be able to get your ex back because he or she probably moved on and maybe in another relationship by now.

Back then you didn’t know whether you’ll get to live such moments again and were a tension-free kind of person. The reason you still miss your ex is that you may still have feelings for him or her and are optimistic that you two might be back in a relationship later in life. You imagine to have a life again with your ex, but all that glitters is not gold, this sweet sensation of yours has no practical support. Your desire has got past your emotions and has caused you to neglect the reasons that broke your relation in the first place.

If you’re the one who dumped your ex and now miss him or her because you aren’t satisfied with your current relationship or simply compared your ex with your current partner and found that you’re not happy with the lifestyle you have right now or that you dumped your ex for the wrong reasons or because of a misunderstanding and now you feel guilty about it.

Whatever the situation might be but now you want to go back to your ex because you miss having him by your side, you miss their smiles, laughs, their sense of humor, and the way they made you feel full of life.

Now the discussion is about why you miss your ex so much when he wasn’t meant to be with you and might have been harsh with your relationship.


Why do I miss my ex so much all of a sudden?

The most common reason is that you haven’t been happy since your ex has left you. Apart from being a reason for infidelity and monkey branching, happiness is also the one reason you would miss your ex for.

If happiness is the reason you have been missing your ex for it means that you have been unhappy lately, stressed, depressed, and in pain.

You can analyze how happy you are to find if unhappiness is triggering you to miss your ex. Such an analysis will reveal that you aren’t happy with your current relationship and should consider getting out of it.

You are having flashes of memories with the ex because at times when you are unhappy your mind reminds you of beautiful moments when you were happy to ease the pain of unhappiness.

But you might not agree with what your brain is offering you because it’s not a practical or permanent solution to your problem instead you are being reminded of someone you want to think about after a breakup.


I miss my ex boyfriend or girlfriend so much and I don’t know why

There are reasons other than just unhappiness for missing your ex whether it was your wife, husband, boyfriend, or a girlfriend. Things you would normally miss would be what you two did with your time together and were a regular part of your life.

  • Waking up next to one another every day
  • Doing house chores together
  • Going out on vacations together
  • Spending all day shopping with each other
  • Watching movies till late night
  • Cooking food for each other and getting praised for what a good cook you are.
  • Giving each other surprises and gifts
  • Etc.

With your ex you enjoyed all these daily life activities and habits that made you feel happy and full of life. That’s why whenever you do what you used to do with your ex your mind gets drawn to the memories you have of that habit.

You feel that your ex was there for you whenever you needed him and cared for you more than your current partner. Remember that you spent a great deal of time together and it’s perfectly normal for you to miss a person you so dearly loved and whose no longer with you.

Old habits and their memories are not that easy to get rid of and won’t go away with a poof but over a long period they would slowly diminish.


Why do I still miss my abusive or toxic ex?

For some reason you might even miss your ex who was abusive, a cheater, and who didn’t treat you with respect.

  • He might have hurt your ego before leaving you.
  • Your life is a greater mess now and so you are giving more value to what you had in your past and are facing an illusion.
  • Another reason would be to feel jealous of your ex when he’s happy without you.
  • You feel that you don’t have enough love in your life and your ex should be in your life to provide you with enough of the love to make you happy.
  • You might still haven’t given up on him and think that he might change to a man who you fell in love with.

Whatever reason or reasons you have for missing your ex, he’s /she’s not worth it, and you’re missing the wrong guy for wrong reasons.

It might be that you miss the good side of him and not the other which caused you to break your relationship in the first place.

If you’re still confused why you have been missing your ex then you need to answer these questions with either yes or a no.

  • Do you miss the feeling that you had while being with your ex?
  • Do you miss his or her qualities more than his or her presence?
  • If you meet your ex again would you like to go through the same experiences you had in the past?

If you answer most of the questions with a no then you don’t miss your ex but his qualities which you can also find in someone else.


When I get drunk I miss my ex

Drunk people usually do things they regret doing the next day. So, you are not the only one who misses ex after being drunk and does something stupid such as call them and say something you shouldn’t have.

It’s because alcohol acts differently on different people some get angry and try to fight while others get extremely happy and do favors for others some get emotional and cry.

It’s not easy to tell how one would behave after being drunk but they do things that they normally wouldn’t.

You need to know that it wasn’t you missing your ex rather a side effect of alcohol consumption and once you’re conscious you should not think about it much.


Why do I miss my ex suddenly?

People don’t miss their ex for no reason at all, it might be that you are having dreams about him/her lately and can’t stop thinking about that dream. If your one of them and have taken your dream seriously and then the problem might be that

  • Such people might have thought of their ex and that thought was the base of a dream that you now often come across now a day when you sleep.
  • Watching someone else doing something you and your ex used to do might have triggered memories in your mind.

Try finding the reason why you miss your ex and don’t blame it on god or supernatural force that they might want to point something to you. It’s just a lame excuse to ignore the real reason and think that God might want to reunite you.


I still miss my ex after a year

It takes from one month to a year to get over a relationship. The time taken depends on the experience of a person with breakups if its first breakup then it usually takes longer to recover from.

If you are the one who dumped your ex and not vice versa then the situation is quite different now because you miss your ex who was good to you all along and stayed loyal to you till the relationship ended and still you dumped him. What you feel now is guilt that you broke up with such a nice person for god knows what reason.


Will my ex come back?

You might check your phone inbox often to see if your ex texted you or he might come back, but do they? Well that’s not easy to tell whether your ex will come back. Sometimes they do but sometimes they don’t so it’s a maybe kind of situation. You just see a therapist and get on with your life and one day you might find a man of your dreams and true love of your life and you might never want to look back upon your relationships in the past. You never know where life is going to take you.


How to stop missing your ex?

The most common answer to this question is that people themselves don’t want to stop thinking about their ex. They might create reasons as excuses to miss them won’t accept that it’s them who won’t let go of someone who is now just a past. Such people are confused souls that don’t live in peace themselves and stay in discomfort all their life.

If you miss him or her because you want revenge then think again that it’s causing depression and anxiety to you and not to your ex who has moved on with his or her life

If you still can’t get over your ex then follow what William James, a philosopher, suggests about such a situation. He says,” Alter your life by altering the attitude of your mind.”

This quote means that when you can’t get on with your life change your mind and by changing your thoughts you change your mind and attitude towards life.

It’s easy as it looks yet people still don’t get it done because they lack the will to do so. You need to know that there many good people out there in the world with whom you could have a relationship better than before you just shouldn’t give up on relationships that easily.


What you need is a companion?

It might be that you have been single for too long and you need a companion in your life and maybe after you get one you won’t remember your ex anymore because you’re no longer lonely. But before you get someone else in your life you need to meet a counselor to help guide you, so you don’t make the mistakes you did in the past relationships.

Remember not to get into a rebound relationship because they might make you feel happy but often don’t long last and are a cause of pain if not for you then for the person who you have the rebound relationship with.

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